Anime: Visual and audio bishie feast in Uta no Prince-sama (Episode 1)


That’s one screen shot for Uta no Prince-sama anime and it made me feel so sad……cos Togainu no Chi anime could have looked so beautiful but it didn’t (T_T) In case you’re unaware, the original character designer of both games was the same person, Kurahana Chinatsu and both anime were done by A1 Pictures. More screenshots to follow.

うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪ マジLOVE1000% – キスよりすごい音楽をアニメでっ♪


Eh? Shiki has a moe! Moe-moe.

Keisuke (right)?


Megane Nano!!!

Bubblegum pop Akira with pink hair??!!??

and the heroine.

Sorry for multiple mislabeling of all the characters. OTL;;;

I didn’t play the game but from the looks of the first episode, it seems very promising. And they were animated pretty well too. This series is probably a must-watch for all BL and otome game fans and not to forget all the seiyuu fans this season :) Don’t forget Natsume Yuujinchou Season 3 which is a no-brainer choice heh.

Miyano Mamoru’s singing is truly superb in here. Will try to do an episode summary when I have time. Seriously busy and have work + homework to do too ^^;;

If you know any groups subbing this series, please give us a headsup! According to dollssoulkirie (thanks!), these groups are currently subbing the series: NyanTaku and Vrysalia.

Not sure if subs are out but peeps staying in US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa regions can try watching the official stream free at

In case you don’t stay in those areas, try the episode here:

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43 thoughts on “Anime: Visual and audio bishie feast in Uta no Prince-sama (Episode 1)”

  1. Sigh.. awesome seiyuu cast, awesome char songs(though I don’t really like Engrish ^^”).
    Jinguji Ren’s voiced by Junichi Suwabe(Kyouya from Ouran) and that voice is just ‘HNG!’ -shot-
    By the way, the ‘megane nano’ is voiced by the same seiyuu as Gunji!~ I squealed when I heard his song! XD Anime’s better than your average reverse harem, where the main had to choose a guy in the end. The guys in the story at least had a relationship/connection with each other, so you can easily think of many, many bl pairings. >:3

    Such a sad thing that A1 doesn’t treat TnC as this one. Sighs… I actually thought they’re insulting/disrespecting one of the most revolutionary BL games ever.
    Love your mis-labelling! I actually thought the same thing! I guess the characters in TnC did a crossover and decided to sing for a change? XD

    I’ve read quite a number of reviews/comments that Broccoli didn’t make full use of Kurahana Chinatsu’s talents. I mean, there were no BGs in the game, just sparkles! I was quite shocked. The colouring felt anime-ish, rather than otome/bl game standard. Although, the seiyuu cast and songs were awesome. -sweat-

    1. @Liru: I love the way Jinguji says “Are you ready?” So sexy~ lol XD (Btw, Ouran’s Kyouya is not voiced by Junichi Suwabe tho, it’s Matsukaze Masaya)

      Yep, Taniyama Kishou is the voice actor for megana nano XDD

      I read that although Kurahana Chinatsu designed the characters, the actual CGs and illustrations within the game were done by another illustrator.

  2. @ponytale Yeah, they might be just starting, but I hope get streaming series here! :D In Crunchyroll, I can see some series, at least.

  3. I see this looks good so its an anime based on a BL game lol
    I tend to make sure now haha. I never knew this was the same as Togainu no chi?

    1. @m: Actually this is an otome game anime again… but done by the same animation house A1 Pictures… the character designer for this series and Togainu no Chi is the same person. That’s why similar looking faces…

  4. LMAO for a second there I thought you were naming them wrong or something ahha
    me: hey their names aren’t those?!

    LMAO they do resemble togaiinu’s chara a bit xD;;
    I’m waiting for yusa’s sensei role >3>” if they animate the sensei too then
    we will get nakamura & yusa in it OTL

    not unless they decide to do a CV change then OTL!!!

    1. @K.K: Lol yeah it is intentional XDD.

      Yusa and Nakamura’s characters appeared in Episode 1 of the anime with voices intact! It was relatively short but they’re there! XD Go catch it!

  5. @ponytale: I haven’t really seen all the fansubbers versions yet. But just from skimming thru the videos and reading the blogs from all the different groups.. HorribleSubs is straight from NicoNico. Vrysalia and WhyNot are re-encodes of the NicoNico translations with higher quality videos. WhyNot does have partial karaoke tho (and it’s all rainbow colored). NyanTaku does their own translations. Apparently the text is a bit small for the NyanTaku version (so they’ll be changing size in the second episode) and they have karaoke for their songs.

    1. @dollssoulkirie: icic I don’t mind the video quality as long as it is acceptable and in avi format.

      I prefer to download smaller avi files that I can convert for viewing on my iPod so that I can watch when I’m on road or in my bed. Quality of translation is more important in general I guess.

  6. I watched the show a few days ago and I really liked it! I like how they resemble the Togainu characters. My fav character is Ichinose Tokiya (he looks like Shiki!) Though, I don’t really like the heroine, I’m not trying to be mean, but her eye color is just to bright/radiant. I get dizzy.

    Oh also the funny thing is that I’m watching this show with IdolM@ster. They’re both from the same studio and have the same storyline (kinda). The only thing is that IdolM@ster is with a bunch of girls and one guy.

    1. @MisakixUsami yeah the eye candy definitely helps <3 I've not watched the latest episode yet. Will try to catch up over the weekend.

      So far the heroine hasn't breached my annoyance threshold yet. Lol so that's good ^^;; and you are right. Her eyes are kinda too bright.

  7. Funny enough, there’s also Nico Nico in Spanish xDDDDD. And they block my country too, so I can’t see the episode D:

    1. @Asamisa: ah~ didn’t know niconico has spanish site! They’re really trying to go the licensed region streaming route to try and make some money.

  8. @ponytale: Vrysalia just dropped it because NyanTaku released episode one. NyanTaku said it’s an experiment from two of the EveTaku staffers. But NyanTaku said that if there’s a high demand for it, then they’ll continue the series for the fans. And WhyNot just released episode one today (with episode two otw).

  9. @ponytale NicoNico now has an English page (lol, that I found out recently) and they’re showing 6 anime titles with English subtitles. But as of today, there’s two fansubbers who’ve released subtitled videos of Uta no Prince-sama (NyanTaku and Vrysalia).

    1. @dollssoulkirie: Yeah Niconico English is new… I tried accessing on the day Utapuri was broadcast but they blocked my country, so I can’t see if the streams were subbed. So they’re subbed? :O

  10. I’m definitely watching this! The way they animated it is fantastic. The anime art really captures the original in a way that almost doesn’t look like anime art! Gorgeous!

    1. @chibi: lol~ I watched it ^^ actually I don’t think its really BL considering the innocence of the situation the boys are in but I guess certain angles in the anime do fuel the fujoshi delusion.

      Besides the seeming BL undertones, I think the sci-fi plot looks quite interesting :3 I’ll try to continue watching this.

  11. The guys look gorgeous, so vibrant colors and wonderful seiyuu! Really you pointed well, TnC with a decent animation could look like this. I’d be darker, not so colourful, but still gorgeous.

    So we have the perfect formula, right? Hmm, not that so to me. I really disgusted this anime, it’s so bad cliché, the girl annoyed me to death, and her friend too, and jpop only made things worse to me. It’s a pity. Sorry for being too blasé, it’s just my opinion. After bad experiences with Miracle Train (bishies but boring anime), Kuroshitsuji II (horrible plot) and TnC (no need to comment more), I’m kinda too critical with some animes.

    1. @planck-chan: yes… This just shows how badly they’ve treated fans of Togainu.

      Lol I wouldn’t force anyone not into Jpop to watch this. They’ll probably cringe like you do :D I like it tho so no issues for me xD

      I thought miracle train was incredibly boring and uninspired in terms of plot too. I tried to watch but dropped it after the 3rd episode when the story showed no signs of picking up.

      Kuroshitsuji 2 I quite enjoyed tho ^^;; esp the OVAs. Maybe cos I dun read the manga.

      And Togainu, oh yeah… So full of regretful moments everywhere you turn…

  12. OMG xDDDDDDDD, I think that these boys are actually Shiki and the others, since TnC anime was such a dissapointment, they had to look for another job xDDDDDDDDDDD.

    Junichi Suwabe and Mamoru Miyano!!!! Wich seiyuus are in this production? Wanna know :3

    1. @Asamisa: other seiyuus include Suzumura Kenichi, Taniyama Kishio, Terashima Takuma, Shimono Hiro and Yusa Kouji (side character teacher)

  13. I’m going to continue watching this one to see if it’s any good.. I still have a backlog of otome games’ anime adaptions to watch. XD (Suwabe-sama~ <3 <3 I love your voice! Forever and ever and ever and ever and I think people got the point. lol) And I hope my boyfriend would watch it with me.. (He's a big Miyano Mamoru fan.) But knowing him, he's not gonna. lol

    @momo Actually.. HorribleSubs took it from NicoNico (it's even marked on the video if you download it).. NicoNico is showing the anime, plus a few others, with English subtitles on their website. I watched it there already on the first day, since there weren't any fansubs available for it.

    1. @dollssoulkirie: the anime is clearly for girls so I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t want to ^^

      So am I right to say that niconico streamed this episode without subtitles?

  14. The animation looks very nice! I actually really want to watch this but subs are super slow. Currently, (I Just checked), the first episode has been released by Horriblesubs (ie, Crunchyroll) in 360p download :) (Ugh, I want a higher quality)

    lol, and of course! I’m watching Natsume Yuujinchou San <3. One of my faves.

    And I agreee….TnC's quality was soooo poooor. A-1 Pictures actually does pretty well but when it came to TnC…they just got freaking lazy or something lol.

    1. @momo: yea the must watch animes of this season! :D

      Togainu anime gives me the feeling like the staff was allergic to BL or something from the way they did it. OTL;;; it’s ok if they want to remove the BL but they can’t even tell a story or animate properly. It was one jaw dropping episode after another in such an increasingly bad way it has to be seen to be believed.

      If they can up the level of their “remastered” Togainu DVD that is planned for December to the standard shown in utapuri, then I may still consider getting it.

  15. !!! the screenshots are gorgeous! I love the vibrant colors and everything looks fresh and clean!(can you image a vivid color game made into a anime that’s looks like this!?*o*)

    lol i love how you mislabeled the characters! Megane Nano! XD
    The Gunji like character looks hot.
    It is so sad~!poor’s so hard to believe they where made by the same studio.

    I can’t wait to see this anime~

    1. @sigma: it’ll be awesome looking! This shows that if they really wanted to (and have the skill and budget) it’s possible to adapt illustrations properly into anime.

      Hehe glad you appreciated it. I had to get it off my chest. I didn’t check the staff but maybe this was done by the team who did kuroshitsuji.

      When I saw the megane character, the first Togainu character I thought of was nano lol. The hair is exact! XD the seiyuus in this anime is hot too. Gunji lookalike has the suavest voice ever. Suwabe Junichi! <3

    1. @Therapii: yes. It’s incredibly frustrating isn’t it. Togainu anime was a spiral all the way down into the abyss during it broadcast. Now, if they can make the so called remastered Togainu DVD look like this, I may still consider buying it even tho the original plot was butchered.

  16. I agree very much with that. The animation for Uta no Prince-sama looks very pretty yet why they fail to do the same to Togainu no Chi? T_T Even though I haven’t watch it (still looking for a DL link w/English subs), I already like both OP & ED themes. ^^

    1. @xlumierex: it’s a mystery only the staff at A1 Pictures will know. It’s frustrating to see what they could have done but didn’t. Sigh. Just thinking about it is depressing. Lol. Hopefully watching utapuri won’t worsen it xD

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