Anime: Starry☆Sky Series (Midorikawa Hikaru, Sugita Tomokazu, Ishida Akira, etc, honeybee)

Anime based on mega popular otome girls drama CD series Starry☆Sky will begin broadcast on 23 December 2010.

The lucky people in Japan would have been able to watch the special free broadcast of the first episode of Starry Sky Capricorn at Animate Japan’s Ikebukuro store from 18 December till 26 December 2010.

Yahisa Tsukiko is the first female student to enroll at Seigatsu Academy, a former all-boys school specializing in astronomy. She is closely watched over by her childhood friends, Nanami Kanata (Pisces boy) and Touzuki Suzuya (Cancer boy), who often protect her from the male student body. Throughout the story, she befriends other young men whose personalities are based on the Western zodiac constellations.

In the first episode, not long after Tsukiko transfers to Seigatsu Academy, a half-French boy named Tomoe Yoh (Capricorn boy) follows suit to pursue her. This action stirs up emotions from Kanata and Suzuya, both of whom had long loved Tsukiko.

From the looks of it, the producers will be focusing on each constellation boy’s story with the heroine in short episodic formats and I’m guessing probably from the Starry Sky games? I think this will probably work well for a series like this. It helps to keep the story tight and will probably give each boy relatively equal screen time. Fans of different boys will probably be happier with this arrangement rather than having them try to create a main plot-line and then risk screwing up the whole thing.

Stills from the anime look pretty good :) I’m looking forward to it but keeping my expectations low in case I get disappointed. OTL

DVD of the anime is out for preorder too. There’s the special edition with goodies and the regular edition as well.

Updated with DVD cover jacket illustrated by Kazuaki-sensei (left) and pillow case (anime-version) illustrated by Fujimasa-san (right)

Title: Starry Sky vol.1 -Episode Capricorn- Special Edition DVD
Price: 5,800yen
Release date: 23 February 2011
DVD includes episodes 1 to 2, pillow case, booklet and a special DVD with bonus 10 minutes footage. Running time: 30 minutes

A PILLOW case??? I think it’s going to be a trend now for otome/fangirl targeted series. Can’t wait to see what it looks like. I’ll update when there’s more information :D

Characters from left: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini

Characters from left: Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Cast list:
Heroine: Orikasa Fumiko as Yahisa Tsukiko 夜久月子:折笠富美子

Capricorn: Midorikawa Hikaru as Tomoe Yoh 土萌羊:緑川光
Aquarius Suzumura Kenichi as Amaha Tsubasa 天羽翼:鈴村健一
Pisces: Sugita Tomokazu as Nanami Kanata 七海哉太:杉田智和
Aries Nakamura Yuuichi as Shiranui Kazuki 不知火一樹:中村悠一
Taurus: Hoshi Souichiro as Kanakubo Homare 金久保誉:保志総一朗
Gemini: Yusa Kouji as Mizushima Iku 水嶋郁:遊佐浩二
Cancer: Ono Daisuke as Touzuki Suzuya 東月錫也:小野大輔
Leo: Kishio Daisuke as Haruki Naoshi 陽日直獅:岸尾だいすけ
Virgo: Hirakawa Daisuke as Aozora Hayato 青空颯斗:平川大輔
Libra: Ishida Akira as Hoshizuki Kotaro 星月琥太郎:石田彰
Scorpio: Kamiya Hiroshi as Miyaji Ryunosuke 宮地龍之介:神谷浩史
Sagittarius: Fukuyama Jun as Kinose Azusa 木ノ瀬梓:福山潤
Ophiuchus: Miyano Mamoru as Kagurazaka Shiki 神楽坂四季:宮野真守

Suwabe Junichi as Shirogane Ooshirou

Production house: Studio DEEN

Official site:

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10 thoughts on “Anime: Starry☆Sky Series (Midorikawa Hikaru, Sugita Tomokazu, Ishida Akira, etc, honeybee)”

  1. @ponytale: lol!! omg i just saw that episode just yesterday night! I had the same reaction! I laughed so hard, i’m like “wtf Shiki!” The shiny detailed teeth and running toward Nano was to much! XD
    I’m so disappointed in the anime series, i’m glad its almost over! It did give me a lot of good laughs.;;
    The only thing i liked about the anime was the fact that Nano looked awesome (at times), even though he looked nothing like the original and the flashback part with him in it was cute.;;
    (part of Rins flashback was cute too.)

    I’m looking forward to seeing the Starry Sky anime!
    i added most of them to my twitter. I wonder what surprise will be. XD;;

    1. @sigma: Yeah the TnC anime was so hilarious to watch at times I want to cry OTL;;; The boys get to look really good once in a while in various occasional close up shots but often times they look incredibly bad :( I appreciate the creative fan service here and there since they can’t show smex but overall it was just too disappointing.

      I’m looking forward to Starry Sky anime too :D just one more day to broadcast. Hehehe I wonder what they have planned for Christmas too! XD

  2. Yess! I crossed my fingers that they would make 2 episodes for each guy instead of random harem mix storyline :>
    I’ve only played Spring and Summer yet but I’m totally getting Nanami Kanata (Pisces) pillow. I just love tsundere guys X3

    Hope it turns out good!

    1. @Yumii: I think they’re using the game plot lines which is good. I have the Autumn game but haven’t finished it :P Yeah, harem storyline can be very annoying if not done well. And this series has 13 guys! Can’t imagine how they would pull that off XD

      I think they’re really clever marketers by mixing up the different characters together. Cos maybe I don’t like Guy A so much but because Guy F is also in the same story, I’ll be tempted to buy it :-\ so in the end, I buy the whole series OTL. Yep… I’m trying not to have too high hopes in case I’m disappointed but I can’t suppress the excitement as the date of release draws nearer.

  3. I am sooo excited about this anime. I just hope it turns out better than TNC. Good lord. Anyway special edition goodies are always win for me. I’ll have to get those.

    1. @Nagara9: Yeah me too! I think Studio DEEN should do a much better job than what A1 did for TnC :3 My god… did you see that silly scene in Episode 11 where we see Shiki run towards Nano for his blood? The POV from inside his opened mouth (could even see that row of teeth on top of the screen) My jaw dropped and my mouth literally opened at that one. OTL;;;

      I’m so curious about the pillow case lol lol XD WANT.

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