Anime: Starry☆Sky Series Episode 6 Pisces vol 2 (Sugita Tomokazu, Ono Daisuke)

Starry Sky Series Episode 6, volume 2 of Pisces. This episode was really slow moving and doesn’t get much developments. Kinda disappointing and missing the energy in Episode 5. There were also some flashbacks scenes from Episodes 1 and 5 which took up quite a bit of time.

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SPOILER SCREEN CAPS BELOW THE CUT. Wait for the English subs if you don’t want to be spoiled :)


Pisces boy Nanami Kanata, 七海哉太 (cv: Sugita Tomokazu 杉田智和) has a weak constitution since young. He cannot play or take part in events like other children. Yahisa Tsukiko 夜久月子 (cv: Orikasa Fumiko 折笠富美子) and Tohzuki Suzuya 東月錫也 (cv. Ono Daisuke 東月錫也) are always by his side giving him their support. As Kanata grows older, he keeps getting into fights even though his body is in pain, as if he is hoping to achieve something, to protect things which are important to him with his own hands.

In this episode, it is the first day of school, Tsukiko, Kanata and Suzuya are supposed to meet up but the boys are unable to find Tsukiko. Shiranui Kazuki shows Tsukiko the way to the entrance. Although Katana behaves like usual to Tsukiko, he notices and is concerned about Tsukiko’s fear and nervousness about being the only girl in the school… and he gives her this promise…

It is the first day at school. Tsukiko is nowhere to be found. Kanata and Suzuya are worried. Finally Tsukiko arrives at the entrance. She is lost and met Kazuki who showed her the way. Tsukiko explains to Kazuki that the two are her childhood friends. Kazuki seems to recognise Kanata but he does not say anything. Then he leaves.

Kanata asks Tsukiko if she knew Kazuki but she can’t remember his name although he told her just now. She apologies as she couldn’t find her way. Then the three walk together to the school. Tsukiko is worried about being the only girl in school and spaces out.

Kanata pokes Tsukiko’s head and tries to lift her spirits by making fun of her that she doesn’t really behave like a girl so she shouldn’t worry so much about standing out among the boys in school. Suzuya says they would protect her.

In class, Tsukiko seems down. Kanata tells her that she doesn’t seem like her usual self and feels like her heart is not here. But before the boys can get more out of her, she excuses herself and leaves them.

Suzuya says that he thinks Tsukiko is still bothered but always tries to appear that everything is ok and put on a smile. Kanata is worried about her but they agree that only thing they can do for her now is to watch over her.

Kanata notices that Tsukiko doesn’t mention or say anything about her feelings. She does her best in everything that she is doing, including her job as a secretary in the student council. Boys are the majority in the school and not all of they are gentle but Tsukiko does not bad mouth anybody. It makes him worry about her from time to time. One evening, Kanata finds Tsukiko sitting alone on the bench…

Kanata sits beside Tsukiko. Just then Tsukiko’s tears fall. Kanata says that he will just stay with her until she finishes crying. Tsukiko denies that she is crying. Kanata says that she is a stubborn childhood friend but will just let it be and sit beside her. For that, Tsukiko is grateful.

The next day, Kanata arrives earlier than Tsukiko and she teases him for the rare occasion. Suzuya notices that Tsukiko’s eyes are reddish and asks if she is ok. Kanata speaks up for Tsukiko and says that she probably reads books about stars too late into the night and maybe had a nightmare? Suzuya wants her to take care and says that he is not used to having Kanata reaching school earlier than she does. She quietly thanks Kanata as she makes her way to her seat.

Kanata knows that Tsukiko is not used to showing others her weak side and will try to hide her worries from them. That’s why Kanada decides that he will watch over her and be by her side when she cries. Until she is calm and reassured. Then there’s flashback to the day that Tomoe Yoh transferred to their class…

Kanata notices that Yoh is looking at Tsukiko… the flashback continues till the time that the four of them become a group.

Kanata recounts that since he was a child, he always wanted only the three of them, Suzuya and Tsukiko to be together. However, the group of three became a group of four and he has grown to feel that it isn’t a bad thing at all.

Next we see the four of them spending another day together in school. Yoh is reading a book on the bench but Kanata catches him stealing glances at their group and knows that he wants to join them.

Kanata calls out to Yoh and teases Yoh for not being truthful about his feelings. Too proud to admit it, Yoh complains to Tsukiko about Kanata laughing at him but Tsukiko feels that it is not the case. Kanata points out that Yoh keeps finding excuses to get close to her… Then there’s another flashback about the time when they were children and reading the fairy tale.

Kanata is late again and Suzuya tells him he should try to wake up earlier. Yoh teases Kanata.

The others laugh along as they make their way to school. Kanata feels that everyone has a limit to their lives. If he has a shorter time, then he would want to use the rest of his life to see that his friends are happy. He feels that it is because of them that he is here right now and it is a fact that will not change no matter what happen. The thing that he wants is something that most people do not realise and take for granted. He feels that even if he cannot have it, there’s something that he can still do… Just then his friends call for him and he joins them…

Next week. Aries arc! :D

Title: Starry Sky vol.3 -Episode Kanata- Special Edition DVD
Price: 5,800yen
Release date: 24 April 2011
DVD includes episodes 5 to 6, pillow case, booklet and a special DVD with bonus 10 minutes footage.

Running time: 30 minutes

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