Anime: Starry☆Sky Series Episode 3 Aquarius vol 1 (Suzumura Kenichi, Fukuyama Jun, Nakamura Yuuichi, Hirakawa Daisuke)

Starry Sky Series Episode 3, volume 1 of Aquarius. Yet another enjoyable volume with many cute shots and fan-service bromance shots! Loved it!

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SPOILER SCREEN CAPS BELOW THE CUT. Wait for the English subs if you don’t want to be spoiled :)


Aquarius boy, Amaha Tsubasa 天羽翼 (cv: Suzumura Kenichi 鈴村健一) is a boy who loves inventing things. During the first day of school at Seigatsu Academy, he runs into his childhood friend, Sagittarius boy Kinose Azusa 木ノ瀬梓 (cv: Fukuyama Jun 福山潤). Azusa notices that Amaha hasn’t changed the unique way he laughs and is filled nostalgia. During the entrance ceremony, the student council president, Aries boy Shiranui Kazuki 不知火一樹 (cv. Nakamura Yuuichi 中村悠一) goes on stage and unexpectedly appoints Amaha as the Student Council treasurer. There he becomes friends with Yahisa Tsukiko 夜久月子 (cv: Orikasa Fumiko 折笠富美子) and Virgo boy Aozora Hayato 青空颯斗 (cv. Hirakawa Daisuke 平川大輔)

Spoiler Screen cap + summary start:

Aquarius boy Amaha Tsubasa’s episode starts at the time when he is a child. Some women are gossiping about him being abandoned by his divorced parents. In another room, young Tsubasa is working on his new invention.

Another young boy enters the room and asks him what he is doing… Embarrassed, Tsubasa replies that it is an invention and it is near completion. When the other boy wonders what it can do, Tsubasa demonstrates its purpose at the garden.

It is an automated watering can! The other boy thinks it’s pretty awesome but the young inventor replies that it is a simple thing. However, the boy feels that it is not something that can be easily achieved by anybody but Tsubasa did it. Both of them look so adorable.

Tsubasa introduces his name shyly and the other boy asks him if he knows his. Tsubasa already knows. It is Azusa. The boys shake hands… (Bromance bromance~ ah~ so cute *hearts*)

Tsubasa accidentally lets out a laugh… “nuhaha” and stops himself. Azusa recognises the laughter and says it sounds like Tsubasa’s grandfather, Eisuke. Tsubasa is embarrassed but Azusa thinks it is nice… and funny (or strange). Tsubasa is upset and demands that Azusa should not say that his grandfather is strange. Azusa apologies for making Tsubasa angry but he explains that it is a compliment because he feels that it is unique.

Tsubasa then wonders why the other kids in school laugh at him when he laughs like that. Azusa thinks that a person’s laughter reflects his personality/individuality. If everybody are the same, it would be boring. He thinks that it is something that makes Tsubasa who he is and reassures him with a sincere smile that is more interesting this way. And the person who chooses to be with Tsubasa will be ok with him just the way he is.

Fast forward to the future… It is Tsubasa’s first day at Seigatsu Academy… in a corner, somebody has his eyes locked on him…

One of them took a picture of Tsubasa while the other seems to be plotting something, saying that he has found the one he is searching for… Just then, Tsubasa accidentally bumps into another student…

He turns out to be Azusa! The childhood friends meet again. Azusa holds out his hand like he did in the past when they were children and Tsubasa laughs his trademark “nuhaha” laugh. Azusa says that it’s nice that he hasn’t changed the way he laughs.

Tsubasa’s mind flashes back to the day they first met. Seeing that Tsubasa closes his eyes, Azusa asks if Tsubasa is reminded of his grandfather and is feeling happy. Tsubasa wonders why Azusa said so and the boy explains that whenever Tsubasa is thinking happy thoughts, he has a tendency to squeeze his eyes shut and this trait of his hasn’t changed too.

Tsubasa says that he wasn’t thinking about his grandfather but just as Azusa asks him what he was thinking, Tsukiko approaches the two and asks them to join the assembly quickly as the ceremony is starting soon.

During the assembly… the principal is giving a welcome speech (I think) After that, Tsukiko announces the next speaker, student council president, Aries boy, Shiranui Kazuki…

…who took to the stage like a rock star. Lol~ Then he announces that he is the president and he is like the ruler of the student body, so everybody has to obey him. Then he points at Tsubasa and says that he shall be appointed as a treasurer for the student council.

The spotlight shines on Tsubasa but he isn’t paying attention at all until Azusa elbows him. Then Shiranui announces that everything the president says is absolute, so Tsubasa must report to the student council room after class ends.

After class, Tsubasa is on his way back. Azusa catches up to him and asks if it is ok to skip the student council room. Tsubasa replies that it has got nothing to do with him and he is busy with his inventions. Azusa wonders if Tsubasa knew Shiranui but the boy says that he has no idea who he is. Azusa feels there must be a reason why he was chosen and that the president seems familiar. Just then, Shiranui jumps in and drags Tsubasa away. Tsubasa cries for help… Azusa seems to remember who Shiranui reminds him of and just smiles at the two.

Tsubasa is dragged to the student council room and introduced to secretary Tsukiko and vice president Virgo boy, Aozora Hayato.

Tsubasa is appointed as the treasurer from now on and is welcomed into the student council by the trio.

Tsubasa feels that during his time spent with the student council, he is surrounded by lots of laughter but it is also period when he often feels perplexed. When he is happy, he also feels a tinge of sadness. When something feels nostalgic, it also feels new. Assaulted by all these feelings, he can’t help but feel bewildered by it.

One day, Tsubasa is taking a nap. Shiranui gives him a punch and awakes him to the fact that his green tea serving robot is running berserk. Just when they’re wondering how to stop the robot, it starts to count down…

They realise that it is going to explode and demand that Tsubasa stop it. But before they can do anything about it, it explodes right in front of Tsukiko!

The room is a mess and the fire alarm is set off. Fortunately nobody is hurt. Tsubasa says that the robot wasn’t supposed to explode. He laughs it off and says that it would be ok the next time. However, Hayato is not amused.

Hayato says that “there won’t be a next time” for the time being. Although the other two try to speak up for him, Hayato reminds them that Tsubasa has his tasks to perform as a treasurer. If he must work on his inventions, he cannot do it in the student council room anymore…

What will Tsubasa do? Aquarius arc continues next week! :D

Title: Starry Sky vol.2 -Episode Tsubasa- Special Edition DVD
Price: 5,800yen
Release date: 24 March 2011
DVD includes episodes 3 to 4, pillow case, booklet and a special DVD with bonus 10 minutes footage.

Running time: 30 minutes

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6 thoughts on “Anime: Starry☆Sky Series Episode 3 Aquarius vol 1 (Suzumura Kenichi, Fukuyama Jun, Nakamura Yuuichi, Hirakawa Daisuke)”

  1. @ponytale::Fufufu, the chibi cuteness is just… moeness for girls (Was about damn time after titles like Ore no Imouto and K-On)
    Hahaha, Gemini? He’s my fave atm too! I’m playing his route (He’s such a tease! He even makes me blush when he flirts XD)
    As for the seiyuus, I didn’t expect this series to be such earcandy! I played some otome games before but when playing this I really was sucked into the series, the art and the openings are pure eyecandy ( ‘ v ‘)
    Hahaha… Fukuyama Jun… I can’t help but to remember the voice acting he did for Okane ga nai when hearing him voice act in other animes (LOL)

    Yeah. An all-boys’ school with one girl has got to have some yaoi couples (XD)
    Doujins huh? I guess some fujoshjis are fangirling over the boys themselves and can’t bring themselves to make it, others hate normal otome games, and then a small group is making them (Maybe?)
    Really?! FFFFFFFFFF- I wanna see~! I really want to see it~!
    XD Yeah even some people in our class would like to embarrass teachers like that.
    (But most have a dutch mentality and think “Ewww! Gross!”)

    1. @Nipah-Nyaa: Starry Sky is my 1st otome series. I try to limit myself to BL, so that I don’t spend so much :P

      I’ve heard Fukuyama Jun in many BLCDs so I’m kinda immune already haha XD

      That’s true… the Starry Sky boys has got us fujoshis fangirling over them too. That’s a real success :3

      Well, what the students want, they may not get if the teachers refuse to cooperate lol~

  2. Fufufufu, this episode made me a fan of TsubasaxAzusa (Couldn’t help it, the cute overload was just too much XD)
    Ah. This series is just to addicting. As a fujoshi I never expected to start playing otomo games or watching shoujo.
    Starry Sky was really more fun than expected

    I’m wondering if Starry Sky has actual gay couples in it, I mean in the Autumn game for PSP (Which I downloaded to check if this series was worth buying) you have all these classmates.
    Also there was stuff about Nao-chan/Naoshi in a maid outfit 8D which made me think “Are they gay?” because they really wanted to see it… Could have been sadism though. (I think they also were talking about the other teachers in maid outfits)

    1. @Nipah-Nyaa: Yep… Starry Star anime is too short but I’m really won over by the chibi cuteness lol~ I started with the drama CD because I like Yusa Kouji, so it’s no surprise my favourite boy is Gemini. Thereafter I listened to some of the other boys voiced by my favourite seiyuus like Kamiya Hiroshi and Fukuyama Jun. Before I knew it, I was hooked ^^;;

      Hmm there’s fan service in Starry Sky probably to hook fujoshis. But it’s surprising there isn’t much Yaoi/BL doujinshi of them at all :P Anyway, you know cross dressing and stuff like that probably do happen often in boys schools lol~ for the “fun” of it ^^;; And boys being boys, you would want to play a prank on your teachers to embarrass them right?

  3. At first I was a little bit worried about this episode, since I have not played this perticular game, but over all it was very easy to follow. I really like Amaha, and I’m kind of excited about the upcoming episodes for Kazuki. Both were characters I knew little about, but in 11 minutes I think I fell for both of them . Heh heh. Thanks for the screenshots. They are adorable.

    1. @Nagara9: Glad you liked the shots! I found myself screen capping almost every other scene cos they are too cute :D I haven’t played the games or listened to the individual drama cds of these boys either. Ok maybe Virgo boy Hayato’s but I kept falling asleep during the middle of it lol~ so I’m pleasantly surprised by how endearing they are in the anime too :D The boys as children are incredibly adorable as well :3

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