Anime: Maria Holic (Sanada Asami, Inoue Marina, Kobayashi Yu)

Maria HolicMaria Holic まりあほりっく is a story about a second-year high school girl, Miyamae Kanako who transfers into an all-girls school where her parents met. However, she has a phobia of men and breaks out in rashes whenever she comes into contact with them. Contrary to her parents where it was a teacher-student relationship, she hopes to find her destined partner in one of the female students at school. She meets her seemingly ideal mate who turns out to be a sadistic, cross-dressing boy…

Quick Comments:
I’ve not laughed so hard since Ouran High School Host Club. This is definitely one series that I’ll be watching this season for pure, silly entertainment. I like the always over-reacting Kanako very much, especially the funny visualisations of her inner thoughts in her chibi form. Mariya’s expressionless, expletive-sprouting maid, Matsurika is like icing on the already delectable strawberry cheesecake… What the heck am I talking about… ^^;;; Demon Mariya was definitely enjoyable. Lol~

Update 2 Jan 2011: Season 2 will be broadcast and I think it’s great. I felt that Season 1 lost steam towards the end and I got tired of the repeated gags. However, I’m still quite interested to know what else is in store. Will keep a watch out for it :)

Kanako x Mariya

Oh btw, this is supposed to be yuri (Girl x Girl, well as if you don’t already know…). But with the presence of the cross-dressing boy as Kanako’s nemesis, we can expect lots of hilarious antics of him thwarting her plans for any potential romance with the other girls (whom I also find rather cute! xD). Come to think of it, they’re the stereotypical characters often found in renai dating simulation games: neko-mimi (and/or loli) cat girl, the senpai (Senior), the traditional dress girl (in this case the girl from the Archery Club), cute, sweet girl with a dark side (but represented by the cross-dressing boy here), gothic lolita maid, megane (glasses) girl etc.

On the more technical side, the quality of the anime is very high all around, nothing much to nitpick about.

Oh yeah… what’s with this thing about using the name “Maria” in yuri works? There’s a hugely popular yuri anime, Maria-sama ga Miteru マリア様がみてる which has already spanned four seasons. I’ve not watched it tho’. Hmm probably because the setting is always about Catholic convent girls huh… *shrugs* oh well… doesn’t really matter.

Sanada Asami 真田アサミ as Miyamae Kanako
Inoue Marina 井上麻里奈 as Shinouji Matsurika
Kobayashi Yu 小林 ゆう as Shido Mariya
Kanda Akemi 神田朱未 as Kiri Nanami
Matsuki Miyu 松来未祐 as Shiki Ayari
Sawashiro Miyuki 沢城 みゆきas Dorm Leader-sensei
Shintani Ryoko 新谷良子 as Momoi Sachi
Goto Saori 後藤沙緒里 as Inamori Yudzuru
Kaida Yuko 甲斐田裕子 as Ishima Ryuuken

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7 thoughts on “Anime: Maria Holic (Sanada Asami, Inoue Marina, Kobayashi Yu)”

  1. hmmm have you ever played anything like street fighter are darkstalkers? Its kinda like them. The game is good, its actually prefered more then any other VS’s game because each character has its own uniqueness and the game music is better(plus nice seiyuus<3). Its best you find it at a low price on ebay. Its very rare to find it at games stores an they charge alot for it. Also they have different versions of the game. I suggest the one that has bridget in it an the other newer characters in it.

    Wah you brought them *____*!
    I can’t wait to see post about them~

    Ah! I heard about that….TTATT
    I think everyone was upset about it…

    maybe i hope so…;o;

    1. I’ve tried street fighter, mortal kombat, KOF… and I suck ^^;;; But I’ll keep Guilty Gear in mind the next time I try fighting games again XD Occasionally we can find gems on ebay. I’ll keep a look out!

      I’ve pre-ordered the Hetalia chibis but they won’t be delivered until late April… *_* If I still have a budget and don’t cancel my pre-order, I’ll definitely do a post about them. I certainly went on a crazy spending spree last year after the wonderful discovery of figures and I’m paying the price (literally) for it now :P

      Keeping fingers crossed about Hetalia too.

      Btw, hopefully you get your akira safely from toysnjoys this time ^^

  2. Is Guilty Gear good? I’m very bad at this type of VS fighting games.

    Ah~ I haven’t read the Hetalia comics… thanks so much for the link! :D I found out about Hetalia when I saw the Kotobukiya one-coin chibis on pre-order… so I’ve already ordered them a while back. I’m hopeless. But I didn’t buy the fortune chara versions. They are also not cheap. *_* I planned to blog about it but thought to do so when the anime was out and write a summary or sorts. However…

    THE ANIME BROADCAST WAS CANCELLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DX and I was so looking forward to it!!!!

    Instead of broadcast, it will be shown only as mobile phone downloads I think. Hopefully it will still be available on the net somehow. D:

  3. Yea~ the opening sequence is quite refreshing. Feels like a Jdorama OP :D

    Nope, I’ve not played Guilty Gear but I like the character designs (of the boys keke) :D and with the power of Google on my side… oh… my… God *pun intended* that nun named Bridget is a boy??? *dies*

  4. I love mariaxholiic!*v*
    I feel so bad for main character when ever i see the opening credits (dolls of her being bashed XD) and also being harrashed by Mariya lol.

    Have you ever played Guilty Gear?
    Mariya has that bridget vibea bit~ XD;

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