Anime: Kuroshitsuji II, The Black Butler Season 2 (Sakurai Takahiro, Mizuki Nana, Sakamoto Maaya, Ono Daisuke)

Kuroshitsuji II

Anybody also felt cheated after watching the first few episodes of Season 2? Lol~

Black Butler II (Kuroshitsuji) / AnimationThe much-awaited second season of Kuroshitsuji, The Black Butler 黑執事II was broadcast in July 2010.

With a new cast and characters not related to the ongoing manga by Toboso Yana announced last December, I have mentally prepped myself to let go of Ciel Phantomhive and his black butler, Sebastian Michaelis in Season 2, since I felt that Season 1 had a good closure to Ciel’s struggle.

And so I welcomed the new butler-shota pair of Alois Trancy (v.o. Mizuki Nana) and Claude Faustus (v.o. Sakurai Takahiro)

Let’s see a quick summary of Season Two before we discuss further (Animenewsnetwork)

In late-nineteenth century England, one year and three months after the dramatic conclusion of the original series, Kuroshitsuji II introduces a new butler and young master. The sadistic yet cheerful Alois Trancy has faced some harsh times. He was kidnapped as a baby, and was forced to work in a village as a slave. Gradually, he lost his parents, his best friend, and everyone he knew. Alois eventually returned home and became the head of his mansion, but seemed to exhibit some strange behavior ever since. Even more curiously, he returned with Claude Faustus, an enigmatic, emotionless butler with unfathomable talent…

Now back to the discussion… Everything that follows here will be spoilers, so read on at your own risk :)

The beginning of the first episode of Season 2 was pretty impressive in terms of “BL-ness” for a mainstream anime.

****************** View SPOILER with BL-ish Screencap ******************

Right at the beginning we see a naked and bruised Alois climbing out of a bed where another naked old man was sleeping in. Judging from the visuals, you can definitely tell that the boy had had it rough. I liked how the anime conveyed the darkness that surrounded Alois, an angelic-looking, blond, blue-eyed boy who was probably sleeping with the old man for survival before making the contract with his own demon butler, Claude. Claude’s symbol (or mascot lol~) is the spider.

The keyword of their contract was Desire. I find it apt to show the seal of contract on his tongue. The tongue is quite an erotic organ, no?

We don’t know very much about current Alois’s real background but he did share the same eye and hair colour as the real Alois’s mother. The actual sequence of events about the boy’s return to the mansion with Butler Claude as well as Elder Trancy’s death from plague did not coincide as reported by his uncle, who suspected Alois’s real identity. However, I’m inclined to believe that Alois was picked up and brought back to the mansion as a sex toy by the old man/Elder Trancy, the real Alois’s father who finally returned after years of unsuccessful search for his own kidnapped son. But that’s just a guess.

Another reason why I’m guessing this is because the red-themed decor of the bedroom at the beginning definitely looked like the original Trancy mansion that Claude restored as shown in the above screencap. Alois had apparently redecorated the mansion after “his father”, Elder Trancy’s death because he hated the way it looked.

Oh more pics on why I think the old man was real Alois’s father.

****************** View SPOILER with BL-ish Screencap ******************

Alois’s uncle said that Alois’s father (on the left) used all sorts of ways to search for him.

White haired old man on bed. Notice the same hair length.

Officially, Alois’s character setting is very needy and clingy towards Claude. He has an abandonment complex and feels “filthy” because of what he has gone through. I think Alois wants to be loved and desired but I think the only way he knows how is by using his body for seduction. He doesn’t seem to think twice about doing anything just to attract Claude’s attention but Claude so far seems unaffected by his teasing. Alois is also incredibly jealous of anything or anyone who comes close to his butler. I’m a little appalled by the cruelty that he can display towards others as you will see in Episode 1.

However, I was also quite excited at the potential of melodrama and angst that this pair could create and wondered how the producers were going to pull off a story with an obviously twisted and not very likable character.

Anyway, the first episode felt like a full-on BL fan-service for all fujoshis and sets the general basis of their relationship.

****************** View SPOILER with BL-ish Screencap ******************

There are also other secondary characters who were kinda cute. The triplet young male servants, in particular. There’s also an emo-looking female servant who probably will serve some importance in the plot. Just a guess since she was given quite a lot of screen-time in this episode.

I also loved the opening animation cos I found it very sensual.

Just as I was beginning to get acquainted with our new pair, the producers dropped the bomb and gave us Sebastian in a top hat and high collars that hid his face. Oh well, I recognised him because of his voice of course. And what followed was a messy battle with Sebastian fighting with Claude to steal a tin of tea called New Moon Drop or Dance of the Soul. No prizes for guessing who the final recipient of that item was. And Claude seemed to know or recognise Sebastian for who he was and Alois was saying that he finally found Ciel ^^;;; doesn’t make sense? Well, whatever.

So the first episode concluded with Sebastian escaping with the tin and his suitcase. He carried Ciel out of the suitcase who still had the white rose from the ending episode in the previous season attached onto his coat. He took Ciel’s ring out from the tin and put it onto the lifeless boy’s thumb. As the ring glowed, Sebastian whispered gently to Ciel, telling him it was time to wake up…

Hrmm… well… seems that Sebastian did love Ciel quite a lot if you look at all the things he did in this episode. Anyway all shall be revealed in due time :3

Then I watched Episode 2, and the opening sequence has changed to focus on Sebastian and Ciel instead.

In the episode, Ciel woke up on a boat, reminiscent to the last scene where he was taken to Sebastian’s abode in Season 1 ending to have his soul taken away. And Sebastian hinted strongly that it was all a dream. I felt totally, utterly and seriously cheated. =_= Nevermind all the emotions we felt for the characters when they met their end previously. Those characters were all back… well almost…

I think they shifted the main focus back to Ciel and Sebastian to continue with the plot as this pair is probably easier to accept for a mainstream audience compared to the sadistic Alois. Either that or maybe they received too many complaints from fans about losing Ciel and Sebastian. Whatever it was, I can’t help but feel a little disappointed by the way it was handled.

Then comes Episode 3 and the anime seemed to go back to the mystery-solving theme that was so successful in the manga and Season One. However, this time it seemed that Alois and Claude were going to be on the opposite camp from Ciel and Sebastian and they were to be the main antagonists who would cause mayhem in the future. This was probably hinted on the main visual key art of the anime where the two pairs were shown facing each other on opposite sides (first pic on top).

I think manga fans will probably be pulling their hair out ^^;;;

I’ll keep watching anyway. Though I still feel kinda irked at the lame “It’s all a dream” way of trying to give continuity to the story.

Oh, I’ll keep watching too for this… It was mega-cute (in Ep.3) Probably Sebastian’s only weakness in all his demon-butler perfection (that even Claude couldn’t rival in Ep.1).

Update: 8/8/2010 – Episode 6 – BL SPOILER pic of Sebby x Ciel

A hint is given to explain the questions we have at beginning. Don’t see if you haven’t watched the previous episodes.

Sebby seemed to relish the thought of feasting on Ciel’s soul but he realised something which stopped him from taking it at the end. So Ciel is technically not dead. However, this short scene wasn’t enough to explain why our butler needed the ring to revive the boy and why he lost his memory. Watch this episode for the answers ^^ hehe

As usual, Square-Enix is quick to cash in on their successful franchises. These figures that were made for Season Two were rather cute! Who knows? Maybe we can expect Nendoroid of the new pair in the future too :)

Prop Plus Petit Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) Vol.2 BOX / Figure/Doll

Sakurai Takahiro as Claude Faustus
Mizuki Nana as Alois Trancy
Ono Daisuke as Sebastian Michaelis
Sakamoto Maaya as Ciel Phantomhive
Katou Emiri as Meirin
Touchi Hirokias Bard
Fukuyama Jun as Grell
Suwabe Junichi as Undertaker
Yusa Koji as Lau
Paku Romi as Madam Red
Fujimura Shunji as Tanaka
Tamura Yukari as Elizabeth
Kaji Yuuki as Finny

Official website:

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46 thoughts on “Anime: Kuroshitsuji II, The Black Butler Season 2 (Sakurai Takahiro, Mizuki Nana, Sakamoto Maaya, Ono Daisuke)”

  1. Omg, I’ve never thought about that disgusting old man being Alois’ father.

    Anyway, I do really like Alois, actually I find him even more interesting than Ciel, because of his split personality and dark childhood (even though Ciel’s childhood was sad too).

  2. one thing dat atleast i don’t understand dat why alois character is shown in a complete negative way who’ always & will do anything to attract Claude attention, anyway i don’t like alois. but still Sebastian character is a kind demon character who somehow like his young mastr & m still interested in its further seasons if they ever planned to produce furthr but still i expect the story as streaming as its first season.

    1. @sonam: Have you finished watching Season 2? I don’t want to spoil the plot for you if you haven’t hehe. I was told that the plot is different from the manga.

  3. I didn’t watch the first season (but read spoilers lol) but watch the second season and I LOVED IT TO THE END. Last episode was the best, so….. sensual!! (??)

    But at Claude’s death scene and Alois’ dialogue in the scene where the island is destroyed, GOD SO MUSHY YET DEEP. LIKE, DEEP DEEP. And the credits showing Sebastian leaving ‘farewell gifts’ was just AAAARGH.

    I’m such a sucker to bitter sweet endings ;___;

    1. @hircochan: First season was good! ^^ I preferred the ending in Season 1 for Sebby and Ciel. However, Season 2 was pretty enjoyable but it could be better. I’m sad that Claude died :P

    2. Where did you watch the seconde season because I have been looking for a good site like crazy but I can’t find one :(

  4. @ponytale: Uh…then I must be the only Kuroshitsuji fan who’s not that impressed with Sebby, even during the first season. Probably because I’m a huge Hellsing fan, and thus often compares Sebastian to the Hellsing family’s butler/assassin Walter. I know it’s unfair to compare the two animes seeing as Hellsing is A LOT bloodier and more violent than Kuroshitsuji, but I can’t help it since both characters are butlers to wealthy, distinguished, and answers-to-royalty families.

    Anyway, I really appreciate the latest development in Claude’s character and can’t understand some comments on how he’s such an *sshole when early on everybody judged him bland and boring next to sexy Sebby. I mean, at least the creator added another demon who’s able to pwn the invincible Sebby now and then.

    Agree. Another point to Claude against Sebby is the effectiveness by which he used his pawns/minions, including his summoner Alois. Why do everything yourself when you can find ways to utilize your subordinates’ skills, giving you more time to formulate plans B, C, etc. in case something goes awry along the way? I believe this ‘flaw’ in Sebby’s character was also shown in the first season when Agni was able to teach the Phantomhive household how to function efficiently despite being total idiots in their tasks. But of course Sebby will be able to trump Claude in the end because Claude is the villain in the story so…whatever.

    You know, based on the progress of Kuroshitsuji 2’s plot, I’ve never been more convinced that Sebby and Ciel should not have been brought back in this season. With the mystery behind Hannah’s character and Claude’s apparent betrayal of his summoner, it would’ve been better to just focus on a central conflict, which is to say, who’s the real ‘black butler’ between the two? The irony would have made an impact (at least to me) seeing as Alois hated and constantly abused Hannah yet she remained loyal, while Claude was treated better when he’s a demon who doesn’t care for anything or anybody so long as he gets his meal in the end. Argh! what a waste of what could have been a fresh, interesting plot for the Kuroshitsuji franchise just because most fans can’t let Sebby and Ciel’s story go.

    1. @jinnina: I’ve not watched Hellsing, so I wouldn’t know :D Anime Sebby is cute ^^ I’ve been told that he is more demon-like in the manga and Ciel isn’t that innocent either.

      I appreciate that the creators make Claude do what he did very very much! That’s what a villian should be like. Make you love/admire him for his intellect and hate him for his conniving ways and devious methods. That’s what makes evil attractive, like a moth to a candle flame. It’s a good twist and a very delicious one too. Much as I love Sebby, I don’t see a point in creating another Sebby clone, seriously.

      Yep, I’m very impressed by Agni ^^ and I liked how he encouraged them and bring out their strengths. He is a wonderful manager/mentor type lol~ and one of my fav. characters in Kuroshitsuji. I would love to be a person like he is in real life.

      It’s quite clever I think. We wouldn’t have thought that Alois’ abuse of Hannah by bursting her eyeball would be so effectively made use of by Claude in the events that follow. Much as I agree with your points… I mean I’m also all for a Claude x Alois only focus in Season 2! However, thinking from a marketing and merchandising point of view, it is still better to link back to the characters of the main franchise that they’ve spent so much effort building up. At the end of the day, money talks and the last thing you want is to alienate the original fans who want to see Sebby and Ciel back in action.

  5. @ponytale: Okay, just for the record, I currently find Claude’s conniving ways hot. I’m still not sure about the plot but I love how sneaky and sadistic Claude is. He really is a spider-demon; spinning out his web of lies and conspiracies until the prey is caught and too helpless to fight or escape. Of course, Sebby will have the upper-hand in the succeeding episodes but yeah, as of now, Claude is the ma-er demon! I think the creator is trying to show how a demon like Claude operates to get what he wants–with no remorse, in contrast to Sebby, who is relatively nicer, adhering to his role as a butler. I like it! ;-)

    1. @jinnina: Yep. Claude fulfills what we expect a demon should be and he sure is evilly seductive (^///^) Anime Sebby seems too nice as a demon but that’s one of the reasons we love him cos when he gets angry, he looks even cooler keke. I’m looking forward to the upcoming episodes!

      And another big difference between them is that Claude’s minions are also demons who do his every bidding while Sebby engaged humans (Finny, etc) to help at the Phantomhive household. However, Sebby is a one-man-show because he is too perfectionist to delegate tasks unless absolutely necessary (reminds me of myself OTL). Claude is smarter in that sense cos he knows how to make use of his minions.

  6. @ponytale: Um, am I the only one who thinks Kuroshitsuji 2’s plot becomes more fragmented by each episode?

    After watching episode 7, I’m currently dismayed with how Claude and Alois’ are being used. For me, it would have been infinitely better if the second season was solely focused on the new characters. I mean, really–the (demonic) triplets can’t speak, Hannah is such a weird…individual/weapon storage, Alois is a pitiful, bipolar kid who’s probably not the true heir to the Trancy household, and finally the demon butler Claude is more interested in obtaining Ciel’s soul rather than fulfilling his contract (and getting his own meal) with his original summoner. As much as I loved Sebby, Ciel, and the rest of the characters from the first season, it can’t be argued that they definitely placed a limitation to the new characters’ development, which is quite disappointing :-(

    Will still watch the remaining 5 episodes, if only to hear Sakupyon’s voice as Clou-er Claude, but I’m not going to get my hopes up for good plot progression.

    1. @jinnina: Mmm, cos of the way it was staged.. I was expecting it to be Butler/Master set 1 vs Butler/Master set 2 but it is an interesting twist that the butlers are both going to go after Ciel’s soul. It was hinted in the previous season that Ciel is special. However, that’s what being demonic is about, Sebby and Claude making deals with each other behind the scenes (ep 6) and in ep 7 Claude showing signs of being seduced after tasting Ciel. Sakupyon sounded mega-uber-sexy. *shivers in anticipation of what else is to come* I feel kinda sad for Alois tho’ but hey we haven’t reached the end yet, so I hope to see more interesting developments and for Alois to be a more exciting challenger to Ciel. The triplets were regretful indeed =_=;;; they had such potential. The maid chara is so-so. Would have been nicer if she was stronger but then we already had a sadistic female character (Angela) in Season 1.

      If we had our way, I also prefer them to only show Claude and Alois but it was not to be cos with Sebby and Ciel in the picture, the new pair will most definitely take a backseat and be the losers in the end :-\ However, with the new twist, I think they have made it slightly more interesting. Definitely going to keep watching till the end :)

  7. But fanservice sure is overflowing. What a possessive Sebastian and a kawaii Ciel. ;3 Still, I feel bad for Alois.

    1. @GlaringDream: yea I love how Claude’s fingers were crawling across Sebby’s chest and that orgasmic way he looked when he tasted Ciel. Alois does look pitiful here.

  8. I think it is quite evident as to what’s going on in Kuroshitsuji II. I think Sebastian was insisting it was all a dream to Ciel, rather then explain that time was altered. Or perhaps he isn’t allowed to tell Ciel. I’m thinking (also understand that I have only seen the first three episodes of the second season), that once Angela/Ash was defeated, that’s when the time was altered back to the way things should have been, more or less (key words “more or less”). It would explain why Ciel mention Madam Red, and Sebastian saying that he wouldn’t have to worry about her being involved, and also him recognizing the red, but not quite knowing from where he remembers this. Also how he didn’t recognize Grell either and Sebastian mentioning that Ciel’s tormentors “could” already be dead.

    As for the theory that It is Ciel and Sebasrian(Said “Good guys”) up against Alois and Claude(Said “Bad guys”)….that is interesting, indeed. I like it. I think it will add on a new twist and turn of events. Also I think that part was semi-confirmed the third episode, when the women said, “The main with yellow eyes told me to do it.” Claude ahs yellow eyes. Also that could be Alois’ doing, but the demon butler must obey his master, right?

    When I watched the first episode…I’ll admit it even the second episode it made me uneasy about the whole second season, but after the third episode (Haha, third time’s the charm), I liked it. The second season has a different feel to it, but for the most part I was impressed. I think it’ll be just as good as the first season when all’s said and done.

    1. @Japanese Ghost: Yeah you have a good point. We may probably not get any other answers except for it’s a dream :P I think your theory is possible too… the “more or less” total reset…

      Yeah, episode 3 was a giveaway with the golden eyes mention ^^ I’ll like to see what happens in episode 5 [spoiler involved] Since you haven’t watched episode 4, I won’t mention it yet. Let’s discuss further then keke. Complaints aside, I’m enjoying the show so far so it’s still good! :D

  9. ~~~That Light figure is quite huge at 260 mm, right?

    Hmmm….is that as tall as the kuroshitsuji sebby one? are bigger?

    ah specking of vocaloid have you seen BRS ova? When you do let me know what you thought of it~XD

  10. Casshern also has a nice ost~ ^v^ I saw the live action movie awhile back it was good two.

    Oh god, i need my slam dunk fix. *misses* The only enjoyable Salm Dunk doujins are buy Crimson Spells mangaka.

    omg i love young Nano an he does look like Keisuke.♥ I can’t wait for the anime because they drew him hawt. *c* oh!! speaking of Nano umm his seiyuu…i remember trying to find his seiyuu an couldn’t. Do you think they will use the same person from game to voice him?

    ~~~~~”The huge plushie will cost a few hundred bucks so-”
    a few hundred bucks wha!!X_X;;;;;;

    ~~~~~”Yes, that’s a beautiful Light figure! Oh dear… you wallet is going to tremble?”
    lol it wasn’t till after i posted my comment that i went an looked at what the price was for him. I want to cry i cant believe he is over 150 dollars!! Why!? ;A;

    i saw the Figma of death master~ shes pretty i wish i can get… ;o;
    I had to completely forget about buying the pvc for the brs/deathmaster because it’s to much. I think there will definitely be a re-issue on deathmaster pvc an maybe the newest version of brs pvc. I don’t think there will be a re-issue on the deathmaster figma….sigh. Theres still plenty of time an i have a feeling it will be delayed so i’ll wait. there might be more gems releases like the light and ciel pvcs~ *will put those two on wishlist*

    1. @sigma: I finished the series :) I think the ending was good. I’ll try to watch the live action when I can. I know the 3D graphics are pretty fantastic.

      Ah~ that’s true… her Slam Dunk doujinshis are very well-drawn and sweet :) They were the very first doujinshis I ever read… followed by evangelion ^^;;;

      Yea, a few hundred bucks and not including shipping but considering the plush’s size… I think it’s understandable. That Light figure is quite huge at 260 mm, right? Natsume is only 1/8 at 180 mm. But… 14800 Yen is really… you can buy a Real Action Heroes of Light already.

      Hmm, that’s true… PVCs have a higher chance of reissue than figma, so you can maybe wait and see? But their prices do shoot up really quickly once they go out-of-print. But waiting for 1-2 years we may see a reissue. As for figma, I also noticed that only the extremely popular ones like those of the Haruhi gang, vocaloids or Fate/Stay/Night ones have a seemingly endless supply ^^;;;

  11. @ponytale: I will be happy with all four of them doing h-stuff in the same room on the same bed, but switching around partners would be even better. (*3*) Btw, so far, I’ve had no success in finding anything even close to that…but I will let you know if I strike gold.

  12. Aww you’ll be okay~!*pats*

    I’ve been so busy with a lot of stuff that i didn’t continue watching/are finish a lot of last seasons ongoing animes.;; I did when ever find time to watch Slam Dunk, and i strangely loved that series a lot. Not only do i love the Rukawa/Sakuragi Pairing but it also got me into playing basketball. (i suck at it but its fun.)XD;;

    The only ongoing animes for this season im watching are the horror ones an Basara. Highschool of the dead is my top favorite. it starts out predictable but the way its directed/an all the Zombie killing is just great. Episode 1 was very good i loved how they tied everything to the end but uh…im so not like that one girl shes so uhhhh……=_=
    The other two are Shiki (very Higarashi weird/Story progresses slowly) and occult academy (very fun/nice animation an characters).

    I wish for new Togainu figures of all the characters. I’m surprised theirs no Nano pvc figure are anything of when he was a soldier. That one cg image would be so perfect to sculpt. *if only i had the skills*….;n;

    *gasp* o-omg y-you had to give me link to that page~ ;A; *first thing my brain registers is the awesome light figure!* XD
    I can’t believe a Araragi figma!! no way!! *must work hard an save up* (i just finished watching the last epi yesterday it was good.)

    omg that huge gift plush!! my eyes pooped out wha i wonder if they will make Togainu ones that huge. o-o;; also super sonic is the Nitros mascot right? Hopes for a male super sonic plushie~

    1. @sigma: Thanks :3 Mmm, I’ve finally watched Casshern too. Just a few more episodes to go before I finish it… it is emo indeed lol~ I try to watch one episode a day while lying on my bed before I sleep :P Loves my ipod. I enjoyed it :D Thanks so much for your recommendation! I’ve always wanted to watch Slam Dunk too… I only watched one episode when I happened to see it on TV once XD The doujinshi are really sweet :3 I suck at the sport too but think it is fun to watch. Good on you to play it now!

      I want to watch Sengoku Basara II too ^^ it’s also in my watch list. I’m also following Shiki. I watched episode 1 and I like it. I was interested in Highschool of the Dead and Occult Academy too but haven’t got round to catching them.

      Young Nano is a bishi… reminds me a little of Keisuke, you think? Let’s keep hoping! XD and like you, I also want the Super Sonic boy made XDD yep that pink haired girl is Super Soniko, their mascot. The huge plushie will cost a few hundred bucks so… I’ll pass. The small one is very cute tho.

      Yes, that’s a beautiful Light figure! Oh dear… you wallet is going to tremble? lol~ I haven’t finished Bakemonogatari yet OTL… must get to it too. But I’m so glad they’re also making Araragi… since male figures seldom get as much love as the female ones. Hopefully they give lots of cute accessories too.

      Btw, Death Master Figma was just announced today for preorder. She looks pretty good but when put together, I think BLS looks more beautiful than she is partly cos of her glossy trenchcoat. BLS figma was like instant get! But I haven’t decided if I want to order her death master counterpart yet.

  13. Hello Ponytale~
    hope you are doing well~^v^

    love your review~
    Kinda wonder if i should watch this series are not. A bit disappointing with the “It’s just a dream” continuation. I figure something like that would happen if they were to bring Sebby an Ciel back. : (
    I really love the openings~
    Triplets pawn this series so bad~ XD

    The seal tattoo on his tongue reminds me of Caims (Drakengard) seal abit. Caim forever~ ;v;

    (Togainu no chi anime is set to fall season! *hyperventilates* lol)>v<

    1. @sigma: I’m good X3 hope you are too! *hugs* Busy with work too? There are still a number of other things I want to write about. Juggling work, life and interests is making me feel a little fatigued these days *shrug* Gambatte ne! XD Must do my best somehow ^^ *slow deep breath*

      There isn’t a lot of ongoing anime I’m watching right now although there are quite a few on my watching list. I put some in semi hiatus until I have more time to sit in front of the computer cos those are the ones whose files I can’t convert easily to ipod and watch on the go ^^;;; Anyway, Kuroshitsuji II is still worth a watch for the characters themselves. Yep the triplets pawn! XD Let’s just hope the story and plot picks up real soon ^^

      Uwa~ that character looks very cool :D

      YES. Togainu no Chi anime will be coming this fall. Seriously excited!!! Oh and btw, a Araragi figma will be made too. Yay for more boy figures. It’s more or less confirmed since the prototype is out as well. Double YES!!!

  14. Ah, I of course missed the golden eyes comment since I didn’t know what anyone was saying. =D I think if they hadn’t done such an about-face from ep 1 to ep 2, and had given us a smoother transition, we probably wouldn’t be complaining so much. Someone mentioned that the real story was supposed to start from somewhere between ep 4 to 8 (I think it was momo-san); I do hope it’s closer to 4 than 8. I don’t think I will have much patience for 6-7 more oneshot episodes.

    Btw, if no one else had said it yet, I’ll be the first: I want to see 4P doujins with the two master/butler pairs. I’m sure they will be produced eventually; I cannot WAIT. Fufufufufufu…

    1. @Razberry: XD icic watch the subs when it comes out. I’ll be watching again too in case I miss out something. Mmm, I also hope the real story starts as soon as possible :3

      Woah~ 4P! I didn’t even think of that… *_* but you’re right. It’s going to be produced someday lol~ maybe the story would be something like the two butlers trying to compete with each other like who is better at making their masters feel good or come first… ^^;;; oh wait… is that considered 4P ^^;;;

  15. Thank you so much for your eloquent words, Ponytale-san! You really hit the nail on the head…I completely agree with your concerns/complaints about the odd 180 the new season has taken after what was a pretty kick-ass first episode (imho). Though I was prepared to dislike S2, they immediately won me over with that first scene and then with how crazy sadistic Alois is. They even gave us the Viscount again, whom I loved, and by the time Sebby showed up, I just about freaked out. It was such an awesome first ep, so now I’m left with a WTF feeling at the weird direction the following eps have taken. It was bad enough with the reappearance of Elizabeth (can’t stand her), but at least the second episode seemed to be hinting at something more significant. I wish they had followed through with that and given us more substance in ep 3. I just watched the unsubbed version and it seems like, not really. I mean I love Grell (whom seems to have gotten even more flamboyant…he needs to meet up with Druitt) but it felt like a retread of S1 in terms of being just another investigative episode. The preview for ep 4 doesn’t look any more promising. I just feel confused and slightly frustrated now. I do hope there’s a point to all this. In the mangaka’s blog she had emphatically stated that she didn’t want the anime creators to just forget what happened at the end of S1, but as things look now, it doesn’t seem like they’re really honoring that request either. I will cross my fingers and hope for the best.

    Thanks again, ponytale-san!!

    UPDATE: just finished reading the comments, and lolz, I actually forgot about that tap dancing scene. And the butler vs butler fight scene could have been better too. Sorry, I must downgrade “kick-ass” to just “very good”. (>o<)

    1. @Razberry: Thanks for sharing your thoughts too! Yep, everybody wants to forget about Claude’s tap dancing hahaha XDD

      Whatever the producers were aiming for, they definitely made something with Season 2 that is generating all these discussions (and complaints). I know people will keep watching it.

      From the Ep.4 preview, we’ll get to see Claude, so I’m hopeful ^^ He was implied to be responsible for giving the camera to the old lady in Ep.3. She said that the man with the “golden eyes” told her she’ll be loved. Claude has golden eyes. ;)

      Grell and Undertaker is <3 Viscount is so silly but cute XD

  16. @ponytale

    Yes! Alois is a good match with Claude. He was cool but of course, the tap dancing was….^^;

    You’re right. There’s more male figure collectors than females of course, thus, more female figures than males. Haha. I know there are three more male nendoroids (Sengoku basara’s Yukimura and Masmune & Baka to Test’s Hideyoshi but of course, those are to be determined -___-) But! Let’s hope for more male nendos.

    Currently, all my figures are males XD but yeah, there are some nice female ones I do want but I refrain just to save money to get the males haha.

    1. @momo: yep yep! I think most of us can’t get over the tap dancing part and want to wipe it from our memory XDD

      I’m looking forward to those nendoroids too! Masamune’s nendoroid draft makes him look so Tsundere lol XD so cute! If the pair gets made, I’ll definitely try to get them. Hideyoshi looks cute too! I think they’ll be announced soon :3

      Figure collecting is such an expensive hobby. sigh.

  17. @ponytale

    Personally, I have mixed feelings regarding Kuroshitsuji 2. First-off, I have to agree with your opinion when the creator pulled the “it-was-all-just-a-dream” card; I thought the ending of the first season was a great conclusion to Sebby and Ciel’s story. Secondly, while the re-introduction of Sebastian and Ciel allows for an interesting rivalry story with Claude and Alois, I believe it would also make it harder for most fans to appreciate the characters of the new household.

    Speaking of the new household, the first few scenes with Alois and the naked old man made me sick. Ugh! I hate old perverts! Hm…in line with that, something tells me we’ll be seeing a non-explicit sex scene between Alois and Sebastian since the first season and the manga showed us that one of the Sebastian’s tactics to get information is to sleep with the enemy (I kinda dislike him for that by the way). Anyway, as of now, I can’t say I’m an Alois-fan, but I’m cool with Claude. Though the tap-dancing part made him look ridiculous, I love the whole set-the-table scene…made me think of spiderman for some reason. Though his stoicism made him look bland and boring for some, in my book it made him seem apathetic of humans and more in-touch with his demonic side.

    The succeeding episodes weren’t so interesting, except for Grell and Undertaker’s appearances. I read somewhere that the story will pick up between episodes 4 and 8, so I guess it’s still too early to say whether the 2nd season is good or not. Hopefully we’ll see more of the Trancy household, especially Claude and the triplets.

    1. @jinnina: Yeah, I can’t help but compare the two pairs and feel that if Sebby/Ciel is the main pair then we can more or less expect the Claude/Alois camp to lose at the end, no matter what kind of mayhem they’ll be causing. It is a bummer in terms of plot expectation when I think of that. That’s why I rather they just stick to the Claude/Alois pair all the way and see what sinister developments they can come up with with a sadistic Alois. Alas! Disappointment.

      However I’m glad that as separate couples, each pair of master/butler match each other and are still quite interesting to watch.

      Mmm… I didn’t expect to see a scene like that too and if the old man did pick Alois up from his village, judging from Alois’s flashback, he was even younger at that time. So God knows how many years the boy has been sexually abused by the old man before he called out for Claude.

      Sebastian x Alois? Good point there :3 definitely possible. Alois seems to like Sebastian. (“You smell nice…” kinda cliched but yeah…)

      Well, Sebastian is a demon after all. He can do anything just to get his job done, no morals included ^^ I think he is acting a bit too nice for a demon in Season 2 but then that’s just our expectation and impression of what a demon should be. It is believed that a demon can appear to be anything to anybody, so appearing human and nice is part of the deception? So the victim will fall even further when the time comes? :3

      I definitely agree with you about Claude’s stoicism and like you, I don’t think he is boring at all since we know how passionately he burns when he craves for Alois XDD *fujoushi mousou level up* That little bit of information is enough to generate all sorts of Yaoi doujinshi about how the two spend their time when they’re left alone especially with Alois so willing an uke.

      Complaints aside, I’ll still carry on watching season 2. Yeah, the triplets are cute!!! XD

  18. @ponytale: Haha, yeah, he is a sexy little brat and of course, Sakurai Takahiro voice is <3. And yeah, they really need to answer some questions :P But maybe if they get more into Alois/Claude, he might be likeable since he was only in the first episode.

    :( I don't see why male nendos don't sell as much as female. LoL, as a girl, of course I like the male nendos more. They're so much cuter. I don't buy the females at all (don't want them). I'd say Kaito's the most popular male nendo haha. But yeah, I'll just keep hoping~ Maybe it'll pop up and surprise me! haha, a Grell Nendo would be fun to have. Well, at least they got Sebastian and Ceil :]

    1. @Ri: yeah… the tap dancing and the chanting was a bit… ahem~ XD other than that Claude was oozing sexy. Loves megane lol~ XD Sends shivers down my spine when he told Alois he would always desire for him :9 yummy~ I think the contrast in characters between master and butler is entertaining to watch. Ciel is serious when Sebastian teases while it is the other way round with Alois and Claude. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for more cute Kuroshitsuji nendoroids!

      @momo: That’s true, we should give sexy brat Alois a chance :P He is a good match with Claude.

      Mmm, during a discussion with my friend Luvi, she pointed out that there are just waaaay more male collectors than female collectors, so naturally more female figures are made to cater to the male buyers in the figure market. I buy both if I like the design but my boy figures definitely outnumber the girls in my shopping list. XD Let’s hope for more nice nendoroid releases!

  19. Personally i also like Claude/Alois Pair…still not like Alois that much but Claude looks awesome IMHO. He’s very serious and misterious, unlike Sebastian who likes to tease. Honestly the 1st episode succeed in making me curious.

    I surely would love the nendoroid XD…but it has small probability, since the male figure not really sell compare to the female one. T_T

  20. Haha, I’m one of those few who actually likes Claude and Alois. Of course, Sebastian and Ciel are still my favorite. I think I like them cause of the possible BL-theme fanservice haha. But yeah, I’m hoping they would get into more of the story as to what happened at the end of season 1 and such…and maybe more about Claude/Alois.

    :) I think it would be cute to see Nendoroids of the new pair. But knowing GSC and their no-love for male characters, may take a long time or be unlikely T.T

    1. @momo: I definitely liked the BL fanservice by the Claude/Alois pair X3 especially cos it is Sakurai Takahiro as Claude. I can’t say I like Alois very much as a character after watching the first episode but he is a sexy little brat ^^;; I’ll keep watching and see how it turns out. I want answers too… like why and how did Ciel’s ring end up in Alois’s mansion and why did it have magical powers lol~ there wasn’t anything mentioned in the manga right.

      Anyway, I think the male nendoroids probably don’t sell as well as the female ones ( =3=) But don’t lose hope, they might just get made. But before that I would love to have a Grell nendoroid!

  21. Hey, remember me? It’s Imbeleth. =)

    I was so disappointed with the first episode until the original master/butler combo appeared. WHEW. Alois/Claude story was terribly cliched. A tortured young boy with sadistic tendencies? WOW. Predictable! Claude the Butler is terrible. Lame. I had a full rant about it on my blog. =(

    I think the Uncle was actually the guy who sexually abused Alois in the opening scene. Didn’t look like the real father to me. Didn’t they show a flashback scene? Or didn’t they? Anyway, the Alois/Claude story was entirely confusing, unoriginal and unappealing to me.

    I did feel cheated though. Season 1 to be entirely a dream!? Urgh. I have this feeling the anime will just carry on as it is now, heading towards a direction entirely different from the manga. Disappointing. I hope they explain more along the way but I highly doubt so.

    1. @gen: Definitely! Glad you’re back! XD I felt that if they wanted to go with Sebby and Ciel, they should have just done it right from the start. Why make the plot convoluted by forcing the new pair to go along with the old? It really made me wonder if it was an afterthought cos of fan-complaints or it was planned right from the start. But if they wanted to introduce the new pair then we should just let them be… but… no… sigh =_=;;; I was very annoyed by Alois and found the depiction of his cruelty unnecessary. I wondered what if they could somehow pull it off with this pair alone? But by now it seems clear that they couldn’t or didn’t want to. Anyway I snorted at Claude’s tap-dancing lol~ if they didn’t cast Sakurai Takahiro, I would probably have been less forgiving :P

      It could be the Uncle but in the flashback, although only his back view was shown, real Alois’s father had relatively long white hair just like the old guy on the bed. Whatever it was, it was a mess.

      Yeah. I hated the dream excuse! Felt very cheated and disappointed. What a lame way to connect the two seasons. Just lame. I hope they explain more too, since Ciel seemed to have forgotten about Madam Red which he shouldn’t if it was indeed a dream. Pluto hasn’t reappeared either. I’ll still carry on watching and see how it goes *_*

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