Anime: Kimi to Boku (Kaida Yuki, Minakawa Junko, Suzumura Kenichi)

Boy version Lucky star? A slice-of-life, high school-life comedy to look forward to :)

Kimi to Boku 君と僕。 (You and I) based on shounen manga by Hotta Kiichi 堀田 きいち will be animated!

Summary (from Baka-updates)
Shun, Kaname, and the twins Yuuki and Yuuta have been friends since kindergarten. It’s a little hard to tell if they actually get along or not – but even as high-school students, they hang out together. Recently, they’ve had a new addition; a half-Japanese transfer student Chizuru, who has started to liven up the group. This manga is really just about their daily lives, which aren’t particularly passionate or exciting. A tranquil and sometimes comedic story of youthful friendship…

I enjoyed Lucky Star らき☆すた when it was aired a while back and I’m definitely looking forward to another slice-of-life comedy! It makes it even better because the leads are guys this time.

The five main boys (left) Kaname, Chizuru, Shun and twins Yuuki and Yuuta :3

One of my all time favourite manga was Koko wa Gurin Uddo (ここはグリーン・ウッド/Here is Greenwood) by Yukie Nasu 那州雪絵 which was about a bunch of high school guys staying in the same domitory and their comedic daily misadventures. It’s silly but this manga series was the reason for one of my biggest wish… that was to stay in a dormitory as a student (but that wish didn’t come true ^^;;;) I haven’t been catching up on manga much nowadays and missed gems like Kimi to Boku cos a quick check on the web shows lots of very positive reviews of this manga series. It has quite a number of Drama CDs that was released too. Would the anime be using the same cast?

Here’s a quick look at Kimi to Boku’s Drama CD cast:

Kaida Yuki 甲斐田ゆき as 浅羽悠太
Minakawa Junko 皆川純子 as 浅羽祐希
Suzumura Kenichi 鈴村健一 as 塚原要 (child cv: Paku Romi 朴璐美)
Takayama Minami 高山みなみ as 松岡春 (child cv: Kugimiya Rie 釘宮理恵)
Takeuchi Junko 竹内順子 as 橘千鶴
Saitou Chiwa 斎藤千和 as 佐藤茉咲
Morikubo Shoutaro 森久保祥太郎 as 東晃一
Kobayashi Yumiko 小林由美子 as あきら

Generally speaking, both series Kimi to Boku and Here is Greenwood have shounen-ai elements where one main character is mistaken as a girl at first (Their names happen to sound the same too lol~ what a coincidence. Both are “Shun”) and the characters have very close friendships. However, such shounen-ai elements are not the only reasons I enjoyed a series like Here is Greenwood. Basically, it was great storytelling and characters that made me love it :) I had a quick read of Kimi to Boku and it reminds me of what I loved about Here is Greenwood too.

Looking forward to the actual release!

Update August 2011:

Official site:

Kimi to Boku anime will air in October 2011

Anime cast:

Uchiyama Kouki 内山昂輝 as Asaba Yuuta 浅羽悠太
Irino Miyu 入野自由 as Tachibana Chizuru 橘 千鶴
Kimura Ryohei 木村良平 as Asaba Yuuki 浅羽祐希
Toyonaga Toshiyuki 豊永利行 as Matsuoka Shun 松岡 春
Ono Yuuki 小野友樹 as Tsukahara Kaname 塚原 要

Toriumi Kousuke 鳥海浩輔 as Azuma Kouichi 東晃一
Satou Miyuki 佐藤美由希 as Sato Masaki 佐藤茉咲
Nakajima Saki 中島沙樹 as Kaori-sensei かおり先生
Kaji Yuuki 梶裕貴 as Akira あきら

Cute figure straps :D included with upcoming limited edition manga available for order! Preorder deadline: 28 November 2011. Release date: March 2012

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20 thoughts on “Anime: Kimi to Boku (Kaida Yuki, Minakawa Junko, Suzumura Kenichi)”

  1. I am a big Here is Greenwood fan and I enjoyed a lot. I am happy to found that I am not the only that see some similarities between Here is Greenwood and Kimi to Boku. I have seen up to episode 4 of Kimi to Boku and I am not dissapointed! Great series!

    Also as a last thought I am pretty much in-love with Shinobu and Mitsuru!

    1. @Kathy: Maybe Kimi to Boku was inspired by Here is Greenwood? I remember reading somewhere that Here is Greenwood was very popular during its time.

      Me too. I would say Shinobu and Mitsuru was part of my early induction from shoujo into the BL world ^^;;

  2. If kimi to boku gets animated (and with anime like Hourou Musuko & Usagi Drop), i wonder if FLAT would as well… it has a similar feel, only there isn’t much going on in the chapters I read (of FLAT), so I can’t imagine it animated properly yet.

    1. @betawatcher: I’ve not read FLAT before. If it is good, I think it’ll be great if it gets animated ^^ looking forward to watching kimi no boku.

  3. No Problem lol
    X I just hope it has some yaoi Hints, oh and please help me with a game requet for Cherry Blossom PSP if you want to play some yaoi games ask the companys Atlus and NIsaamerica.

  4. thanks for the link M :D
    apparently, for the anime, all the seiyuus are male, right? *-*
    unless im not google-ing those names correctly e.e
    i hope i’m right tho *-*
    i’m the same as Chibi, i really dislike female seiyuus for male chars -o-

  5. I’ve been following the manga and I have to say it’s quite adorable and relaxing, and really good! I’m hoping that it will go well for the adaption too, but if that falls out please give the manga a shot!

    1. @hirato: thanks for the recommendation :) let’s hope they do a great job for the adaptation so that current and new fans can enjoy it!

  6. I have gotta admit, this anime looks promising! I think i might pick up the manga and drama CD if I can find them! and then judge it for myself as well~ But I am definitely sure that I am going to enjoy this series! the artwork looks cute too~

    Thank you as always for your recommendation!

  7. This looks interesting can’t wait.
    I remember you mentioning a Natsume anime coming soon. *v*
    This year?

    I remember watching “Here is greenwood.” It was very cute series~ <3

    1. @sigma: yep :D just announced so maybe around July? Probably will air the same time as Natsume season 3!

      Yeah besides the OVA, there’s more in the manga hehe. The style may be old school but if you liked Here is my Earth style, then it’s probably ok :D

  8. the only thing that irks me is that it’s almost an all female cv for male characters…i could think of enough CV that can actually voice young male characters i.e seiyuus like Souichiro Hoshi, Hiro Shimono, Toshiyuki Toyonaga, Yonaga Tsubasa etc…i guess it’s just me but i can distinctively tell if it’s voiced by a male/female and it kinda bothers me x.x

    1. @chibi: I’m usually also bothered if I can hear that a male character sounds clearly female lol~ but then again you know in real life there are men who have feminine sounding voices :D

      However, these female seiyuus would sound good too, so not to worry. They are often cast as young male characters and they’re good at it. But then again, this is if they use the original cast for the drama cd. They may still change them for the anime ;)

  9. I’ve seen this manga in GFantasy’s issue but I haven’t really read it. Since it’s going to become an anime, I’ll definitely give it a try. I’ve looked at the ranking in the magazine and lately they’re in the mix between 2nd and 3rd place I believe. Thanks for sharing!

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