Anime: Hiiro no Kakera (Sugita Tomokazu, Namikawa Daisuke)

Update! Miracles do happen! Following the success of Girls’ game (Otome game adapted for PS2, PSP and NDS)Hakuoki Shinsengumi Kitan 薄桜鬼 anime adaptation, the next popular Idea Factory otome game to be adapted is going to be Hiiro no Kakera 緋色の欠片. The DVD sales of Hakuoki must be really good \(^_^)/

Starring another slate of top male voice casts, including Sugita Tomokazu, Namikawa Daisuke, Hirakawa Daisuke , Okano Kousuke, this is going to be yet another audio (and visual, artwork by Kazuki Yone) feast for fans.

Title: Hiiro no Kakera 緋色の欠片 (Scarlet Fragment)
Broadcast Date: April 2012
Season 2 confirmed!

Official website:
Game website:

Summary (from wiki/ANN): The protagonist is a teenage girl (Tamaki) who revisits a small village, she remembers from her childhood and gets caught up in her family’s history and supernatural dangers surrounding it.

While walking along the hillsides waiting for the person who her grandmother sent to fetch Tamaki to the village, Tamaki comes across a small, white round object with sticks for limbs and talks. It runs off soon after, with Tamaki chasing after it. Soon Tamaki finds herself in a place where ‘it doesn’t feel like the world I came from’. She gets attacked by three slime creatures, and is rescued by a mysterious boy. The boy, Takuma Onizaki, is the first of five Guardians of the Tamayohime that Tamaki meets.

Main cast (of the games):

Sugita Tomokazu as Onizaki Takuma 鬼崎拓磨
Okano Kousuke as Atori Mahiro 鴉取真弘
Namikawa Daisuke as Komura Yuuichi 狐邑祐一
Shimowada Hiroki as Inukai Shinji 犬戒慎司
Hirakawa Daisuke as Oomi Suguru 大蛇卓
Nomiya Kazunori as Kutani Ryou 狗谷遼

Based on looks alone, I’m so going for the white-haired one lol~

Original artwork for comparison. What do you think?

Updates from 2011 December issue B’s-Log Magazine published in 20 October 2011.

There is a 2-page feature revealing the production team.

The scriptwriter 中村能子 has written for Hakuouki, Junjo Romantica and Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi. The character designer 思田尚之 whose works include Gundam Z, Ibara no Ou いばらの王 and ANIMATRIX: DETECTIVE STORY.

Character setting for the anime looks pretty cool!

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42 thoughts on “Anime: Hiiro no Kakera (Sugita Tomokazu, Namikawa Daisuke)”

  1. I have heard that story wise, Hiiro is better than Hakuoki.
    (LOL Sugita calls this “Hiira”– HII-ro no kake-RA”
    Hm… the anime artwork looks a little bit awkward. Of course the original is better! but i HEARD this was supposed to be an OVA not anime.. but anyways, looking forward to it! This was very popular before Hakuoki came along, and I hope it will be good!

    1. @urusaiii: That’s what I was told as well… mmm the website said TV anime though :O I’m actually not too sure what the difference is between OVA and anime orz;;; *goes look up wiki*
      I’m looking forward to this as well :)

  2. So it won’t be out till spring but it’s got an amazing cast! You know, I actually kind of hope the girl would end up with one of the guys? But I’m not expecting that to happen since I know when they do otome or reverse harems, its just a general story with a bunch of bishies lol :D

    1. @momo: Me too. I prefer that they have a definite ending where the girl pairs up with one guy. The story feels more complete. When they try to do a general story, the plot usually ends up all over the place and less satisfying :P It may suck for fans of characters who were not the selected male protagonist but its just better storytelling like that.

  3. OMG *O*
    I can’t believe, they are finally releasing animes from otome games… Uta Pri, Hakuouki, Starry Sky and now Hiiro no Kakera *O*
    I hope they can release more =3

  4. Yumyum, this looks interesting :D.

    I liked Hakuouki, Chizuru wasn’t that annoying like the usual otome heroine, besides, the anime focused almost on the boys :D and the historical aspects, and it’s good enough to actually having male fanbase (the anime, at least XD).

    I like the megane-longhaired guy, and the boys that looks like Souji and Hajime :D.

  5. yeah, i saw that, but i don’t think those one coins really did those pretty faces justices, even as chibis…hopefully kotobukiya will do another set~~~

    so you don’t think this anime will air for the fall season?

    1. @iced_wine: yeah… I didn’t buy those one-coins too altho they’re appealing in a different way. The new Hakuouki chibi designs will be nice ^^

      Hmm… I think fall seems a little too soon since they just announced it but it’s possible if they have the budget and manpower. Assuming they’re doing everything from scratch :P

  6. I can’t wait for the anime adaptation! I have a soft spot for pretty fox demons so… XD

    Between this news and reading that Hakuoki PSP (and possibly even the Starry Sky series) will be released in English, I’m super excited!! This month is full of otome game news~~~~

    1. @riya: yep XD and with the kemono-mimi hehe cuute <3

      Yeah they are careful to select mainstream titles which are popular. Hopefully they're successful and it gives them the clear sign that there's a good English market for these visual novels.

  7. I’m excited because of Hirarin, his character looks so good, I hope they keep the him as a seiyuu in the anime *-* But honestly, the only otome game anime adaptation that I’ve liked so far is Meine Liebe, where there’s no girl xD

    I liked the guys in Hakuouki but the girl is just too annoying, so I’m scared about the main girl here too.

    1. @blushie: Oh gosh if you think the girl in Hakuouki is annoying (which I personally don’t think she is after watching the anime), you haven’t seen the real whiners in this type of anime yet OTL;

      Yeah, Hirarin’s character looks like someone I’ll like too XD

      It is highly likely they’ll keep the same seiyuus cos they’re one of the main reasons fans will be watching. Unless their schedules clash…

      Meine Liebe boys look delicious but it was too draggy and I lost interest after a few episodes :-\

  8. OMG. More otome anime~! :D :D Totally squealed at this. XDD

    /ahh~ So excited! I played the game only for Yuuichi and Takuma. Totally drool-worthy. *w*

    And as some say, hopefully the heroine wont be annoying…

    Plus, if I remember correctly, Hiiro no Kakera has a demon theme, right? So does Hakuouki. Hmm, I guess Demon-themed Otome games are popular? Not sure. Just my thought. lol.

    1. @Lurker: Lol~ don’t we all hate annoying heroines XD ooo~ so Yuuichi is droolworthy? There are 2 votes for him here already (same seiyuu for Italiaaaa~~~)

      Maybe some forms of fantasy will always be popular with girls heh… and its a good excuse to draw bishies with kemono-mimi or horns hahaha XDD

  9. so….any word on when this will be released? because i can’t wait >.<p

    and might we expect a set or two of one coins out of this?

  10. i’m with momo. i hope the heroine is not annoying
    and lets see if they come up with figures for this game/anime as well xD

  11. O_O Oh. I’m kind of excited for this. More bishies! Though, I do hope its better than Hakuouki. I mean, I liked it and all, cause of the hotties but the girl…she was so useless….>_> Haha.

    So I wonder if this one has a better heroine. lol, I never played the games. Nonetheless, more pretty art! :D

    1. @momo: Yeah, besides the bishies hopefully the plot is good too. I was glad the female lead in Hakuouki was pretty sweet. She tried her best in what she was asked to do (altho she was relatively useless in terms of battle OTL but we can’t fault her for that.) and I don’t remember her whining even once in the anime at all. Thank God! XD

      I think Hiiro no Kakera’s female lead is probably not a whiner. If I’m not wrong, at least she isn’t the typical-whisked-away-into-a-different-world-forced-to-save-the-universe kind of heroine. That’s when you can expect at least 10 episodes of whining depending on the length of the season… Ok… I exaggerate lol~

    1. @sigma: nyaaa~ total joy xD good for you girl :3 when I saw the news the first person I thought of was how happy you’re going to be lol

  12. wow….big wow….

    the only reason i even know about this game is that i bought its clearfolder at an anime convention…..i can’t believe something this hot is going to be made into anime!!!

    with all those super delicious guys…i can totally forget about the main girl…yay~

    1. @iced_wine: the reason I knew about this game was partly cos of sigma. She told me she liked it more than Hakuouki lol.

      Anyway I’m so glad they are making this too! Bishonens are always welcomed <3 considering they did a pretty good job with the animated versions of Hakuouki and assuming they have the same budget, we're in for a visual feast xD

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