Anime: Code Geass R1 DVD available for Pre-Order

Region 2 Code Geass DVD with limited edition box

Woo~ news just in from Rightstuf!

The Code Geass Region 1 version packs even more goodies than their Region 2 counterpart. Makes me regret a little about getting the R2 DVDs so soon. I wonder if the R1 Artbox design would be same as R2 Artbox too. R2 Artbox is only available for the First Press editions of Vol. 9 DVD. If it is exactly the same… I’m going to cry (for being such a sucker) lol~

Anyway, the R1 limited edition contains Vols. 1 and 2. It includes Code Geass OST 1, Code Geass Sound Drama 1, and Code Geass manga volume 1 all packed in a Collector’s Artbox.

DVD Features are similar: Picture Drama Episode, Audio Commentary, Textless Opening 1, Code Geass Collector’s Booklet 1, CLAMP Character Sketch Booklet 1, Textless Ending 1, Code Geass Collector’s Booklet II&III.

Available Date: 5 August 2008

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20 thoughts on “Anime: Code Geass R1 DVD available for Pre-Order”

  1. Nice! Well it can also be considered an investment. In some distant future when everyone is watching it in some new 3D format there will be a retro demand for these ancient “optical laser-read discs”. ;)

    1. Lol~ that’s funny take on retro but I don’t see myself going back to videos unless I have no choice. XD But well, you never know hehehe.

  2. Hey there, Fortress Guy! Thanks for dropping by and the consoling remark lol~ In the end I bought those R1 sets too ^^;;; Dedicated! YAY~ But it was worth the splurge.

  3. Yup… so better stick to the original, especially when it comes to doing business ^^

    I know that for a period of time, the “classic” black bag with the triangle prada logo was on almost everybody’s hands, so it is quite likely that most of them were fakes ^^”

    Mmm… in those anime/manga forums, do they post pictures of their bootleg figures and stuff? Cos if they do, you can collect those pictures so that you can do a side-by-side comparison with the original in the future.

  4. Yea, i’m dealing with several Japanese companies in Indo. I think violation on intellectual and copyrighted properties are not taken lightly.
    Ah well, i understand tht my auntie critic is partly coz jealousy.

    Whoa, i dunna tht..interesting fact. perhaps PRADA bootlegs are just too many?
    Ah well in her daily activity my mom stick to her maroon-KIPLING. (sporty type mom)

    Don’t you feel annoyed when finding people bragging abt their collection thou it’s bootlegs. i’ve read alot things like that in local forum.
    Sometimes i visit local forum, (with anime/manga thread) for a survey or just reading to know whats on their mind, (after all they can be buyers too).

  5. Bootlegs are only a short term gain but if you’re going to expand your business (global domination right?) The real stuff are the way to go ;) Don’t be discouraged.

    Hahaha… my friend also said that it is difficult to convince people if you buy Prada lol~ Too popular? Too easy to fake? I have no idea why. Well, she generally goes for Burberry and Gucci. She used to buy bootlegs cos of the cost but she buys the original now that she can afford it.

    Bootleg figures cannot compare to the original definitely. The “industry” is not sophisticated enough like luxury bootlegs that can even be classify into grades lol~

  6. I dunno in your place but in indo..even rich people love buying bootlegs.
    I have a rich auntie-from dad’s side and i feel so insulted when im telling her tht im starting my own Japan merchandise-importing, she sorta sneered and ask me why im not selling bootlegs instead.

    Yea i know things like tht, Korean bootlegs famous. My mom is having hard time convincing everybody that her PRADA hand bag is an original thou bought in Korea. XD

    this bootleg issue is really complex, but in the end i’m very much convinced that i don’t want to buy bootleg figures.

  7. Ooo~ that’s pretty rare item and I think is a good investment actually ^^

    I guess I was touched by Fuyu no Semi and… well, they looked so hot in kimono (-^_^-)

    Yea, I’ve heard of bootlegs of these luxury goods and better grades cost more than the lower end ones. My friend asked me to help her look out for them when I was in Busan. She told me that Korea produces one of the highest quality bootleg luxury bags. I was like… are you sure you want me to buy for you? I’m major newbie when it comes luxury bags and such. What if I pay premium $ for a low quality bootleg bag, since the high quality bootlegs still cost about half the price… I would have no idea what to look out for. Anyway, in the end I just helped her buy some cosmetics that were only available in Korea lol~

    Mmm… When it comes to manga or anime… how many people can say, since I can’t afford it, I won’t watch or read it, especially when everything is so easily available nowadays? Anyway, I believe fans will try to buy the original if they can cos they love it and want to have it in their collection. Sometimes it is also not just an issue of whether they can afford or not… especially when customs issues are involved :-|

  8. Nothing special, just bromide….Hahaha. Bromide of one of the hottest BL couple.
    I think i’m more into Harudaki instead of Fuyusemi, thou the setting is interesting.

    Me to^^i’m also paranoid when it comes to R2 DVD, especially after knowing that my Black Hawk Down is totally damaged *hic hic*

    Do you believe that there are sophisticated bootlegs?
    You know imported bags from China with int’l brand such as Louis Vuitton, Versace, Burberry, Gucci etc…i heard from my auntie that kinda bootlegs even have their own quality, such as Q1 (closer to the original one), Q2 and Q3 (probably ugliest)

    Speaking of buying bootlegs, maybe it relate with your conscience too Hahaha…
    if you love the anime/manga, support the artist and the originals and respect intellectual properties and copyright.

  9. I feel the same way. I think you just have to own ONE original item and it’ll make you see the light about the inferior quality of bootlegs and run far away from them in the future. I think most people who only buy bootlegs have no idea what they’re missing.

    Yah… I’m also torn when it comes to DVD. It is not something that you’ll always re-watch. I’ll also get paranoid about scratching it accidentally ^^” especially when it is so expensive. I think reading a book is also more convenient cos we can lie down anywhere to read it hehe.

    Speaking of Youka Nitta goods… what are you eyeing on this time? XD

    I’ll probably wait for a major sale or something before I buy R1 Code Geass. My credit card almost exploded already *dies* where is my credit card infinity limit Sanzo… (T-T) or Hakkai…

  10. *nods* bootlegs can’t compare to real thing. I’m not trying to be self-righteous but i would rather save money instead of buying less expensive bootleg.

    I think money i pay for a figurine is really worth, but when it comes to DVD sometimes i’m not so sure because in reality i don’t watch anime repeatedly.
    Same thing with Saiyuki, thou i love it very much i prefer to read the manga again and again rather than watching all over again.

    Then again, i understand the temptation of buying R2 DVD.

    Nothing, unless i put K&I underwear in a glass display kekeke~
    Ohhh man, my hands are itchy of buying more Youka Nitta’ merchandises.

    Really, i think the classy one is lot better. after all the pic is very unique and i don’t think i’ve seen it elsewhere.

  11. If the bootlegs are not cleaned up first, I don’t think people would feel secure enough to pay so much for something which they are not even sure if it was the original. I do read about cases where people paying the original price for bootlegs and didn’t know any better. Gaaah the horror of finding out about it later!

    Only hardcore fans would buy the originals and that is when they can afford it. For figures, it is the issue of quality. Bootleg figures can’t compare to the real thing! As for DVDs, with subs so easily available nowadays, most of us would just watch the subs and that’s it. Sometimes I also feel that R2 DVDs are seriously overpriced :( Much as I want to buy all the ones I like but it’ll take time to save enough $ to do so. R1 and R3 releases are welcomed cos they are usually a bit cheaper.

    Btw, R1 Code Geass box has a different design ^^ It looks more action/shonen style than the classy illustration for the R2 box hehe.

    Uwah… if your hubby sees the package with K & I’s underwear what’ll he think? kekeeke XD

  12. yeah same here. I hate this place, too many bootlegs.

    when it comes to original stuff, people no longer appreciate it.
    oh well, me and my big mouth…somebody gave me naruto figurine-it’s still in the box and i do have Bleach character fortune set.
    Both are gift from somebody, i wish somebody bought me Katou or Iwaki’s underwear XD

  13. ^^” That’s quite a collection for a non-fan… good for resale I guess.

    Kallen looks good in school uniform hehe… yah her normal outfit is not nice. I’m not sure what is popular here cos I don’t really follow the trend. It does seem like Bleach and naruto are top here.

  14. Hmmm lemme think, i have Lelouch mousepad, cellphone strap (chara fortune ver.), mini towel, clear folder, shitajiki, and knight manga.
    Does that make me a fan? hehehe nope, the merchandises are for sale later on.

    Yea the illustration on the box is good, makes the box rili special.
    In real anime, i hate Kallen (or Karen?). I think her outfit is awful and her hair-do is sooo GAH! CC at least look gorgeous w/ green.

    Code Geass is popular in here… but Naruto is no.1 in Indo.

  15. Code Geass is very popular so I’m not surprised he sent it to you XD But its fun to receive nice stuff in the mail when you’re not expecting it indeed.

    I’m not sure where the illustrations on the box comes from but it does look very pretty cos of the characters dressed up in period costumes. I didn’t buy the Code Geass artbooks cos there are quite a few so I’m not sure if they have the same pic. I don’t feel like getting them all and also not sure which one is best to get. The amount of merchandise available is unbelievable ^^” And I’m not rich and crazy enough to buy everything Code Geass ;)

  16. Well lucky you for able to buy something useful.

    I have Geass manga knight anthology. And yeah i really dunno why.
    There are times when my cousin decide to send me something and got me surprised.

    Does illustration on artbox available on somewehere else? illustration book or others perhaps?
    The illustration is interesting mainly becoz their attire

  17. No lar XD dun say that… it happens all the time. Like the Death Note DVDs. I bought the Region 2 DVDs too and much later on, the Region 1 and Region 3 also came up with the exact same Tokuten figures in their Limited Edition boxes :P

    I’ll save a bit of $ and get the R1 Code Geass in the future ^^

    Nope I didn’t buy the anthology heh

  18. Well well it’s another trick by CLAMP to make the fans scream (either in joy or pain)
    My oh my, aren’t i so cynical? XD

    Still, the R1 limited DVD is soooo tempting (thanks to OST and Sound Drama CD), Fans will be sated XD
    To all Geass fans, you may wanna fight for this lovely limited edition.

    Do you buy Geass Manga Knight anthology?

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