Anime: Brave10 (Ono Daisuke, Kamiya Hiroshi)

Watch me distract the enemies with my sexy crotch while you slice them up with your big sword!

Title: BRAVE10 (ブレイヴ・テン)
Broadcast Date: January 2012
Official site:
Rating: Recommended! Rokurou RABU!!! and BL fan-service.
Warnings: First 4 episodes of VERY annoying heroine but I became more or less immune after that. The boys and BL fan-service are worth it lol~

Quick Summary (edited from wiki):
The anime is based on a manga by 霜月かいり Shimotsuki Kairi first published in 2007. The manga currently has 8 volumes and the sequel to the series, BRAVE10 S will be published at the end of December 2011.

The story is about the Sanada Ten Braves (真田十勇士, also known as the Ten Heroes of Sanada), a legendary group of ninja that assisted the warlord Sanada Yukimura during the Warring States era of Japan (Sengoku era).

A year before the battle of Sekigahara that ended the Sengoku era, the ninja Kirigakure Saizou meets an Izumo priestess, Izumo no Isanami whose shrine was destroyed by Tokugawa Ieyasu for siding with warlord Sanada Yukimura. Saizou protects her from assassins on her short journey to the warlord.

Sanada Yukimura wants to gather ten warriors, a party unrivaled in skill and power, to set his still secret plan into action.

As they gather one by one, Isanami’s own mysterious power awakens.

List of Characters
Kirigakure Saizou (霧隠 才蔵)
(cv.Ono Daisuke)
The main character who is new of the Juyushi. He is masterless and wanders to find a lord to serve. Originally an Iga ninja.

Unno Rokurou (海野 六郎)
(cv. Kamiya Hiroshi)
Yukimura’s page, he stays by Sanada Yukimura’s side almost all the time to personally protect him. His right eye is bandaged. He can send ultrasound waves out from his mouth to attack his enemies.

Yuri Kamanosuke (由利 鎌之助)
(cv. Takagi Motoki)
Leader of a group of bandits. Portrayed as a perverted assassin with bloodlust for Saizou.

Sanada Yukimura (真田幸村)
(cv. Morikawa Toshiyuki)
Warlord Sanada Yukimura during the Warring States era of Japan.


Sarutobi Sasuke (猿飛 佐助)
(cv. Kakihara Tetsuya)
The leader of the group. Very loyal towards Sanada Yukimura.


Izumo no Isanami (伊佐那海)
(cv. Satou Rina)
Izumo priestess. She takes place of Miyoshi Isa of the Nyuudou brothers. She is the adoptive sister of Miyoshi Seikai.

Kakei Juzou (筧 十蔵)
(cv. Okiayu Ryoutaro)
A retainer for Sanada Yukimura. A perfect marksman. Portrayed as a hot-blooded middle-aged man who has can hold his alcohol but has a weakness for women.

Mochizuki Benmaru (弁丸)
(cv. Kitta Izumi)
Originally Mochizuki Rokurou (望月 六郎), he was renamed with Yukimura’s middle name, to avoid confusion between himself and Unno Rokurou. He is particularly good with explosives.

Miyoshi Seikai (三好 清海)
(cv. Tanaka Kazunari)
Isanami’s step-brother.


Nezu Jinpachi (根津 甚八)
(cv.Nakai Kazuya)
Portrayed as a pirate. He can control thunder.


Hattori Banzou (服部半蔵)
(cv. Sakurai Takahiro)
Ninja who works for the Tokugawa Ieyasu. Merciless and cruel. Known for his speed during attacks.

Date Masamune (伊達 政宗)
(cv.Koyasu Takehito)
Warrior and leader of 奥州


Anastasia of the Glacier (アナスタシア)
(cv. Asakawa Yuu)
Big breasted blond beauty with the skill of freezing water into ice during attacks. A childhood friend of Saizou.

I haven’t read the manga but the series caught my eye when the anime was announced a few months ago, mainly because of the eye candy and the eye-popping cast list. ^^;; Kind of shallow huh. *sheepish*

Anyway, the trailers are up on the official site and the animation and action looks pretty awesome. It has the visual quality of Sengoku BASARA anime. If time allows, I’m definitely catching it when it airs.

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67 thoughts on “Anime: Brave10 (Ono Daisuke, Kamiya Hiroshi)”

  1. Ehh when I saw this announced out, It just didn’t catch my attention. I thought it looked mediocre. /_\

    But since I was having a red hair fetish lately, and because Yuri looked cool & pretty, and reminded me of the crazier version of Lightning from FFXIII xD I watched it for Yuri.

    But then Anime tricked me, and Yuri is really a GUY!!! OTL! I-I thought he was a badass chick!! OTL! and then I notice his flat chest later! AHHAHAHA *sigh*

    But yea, the anime didn’t portray the manga very well. though they do have their funny moments. Yuri is totally all over Saitou in the manga /_\ to the moment I swear it was BL. LOL! it wasn’t even rivalarity scenes or anything, it was much worster XD *cough stripping & in drag*

    1. @K.K. So Saizo was Yuri’s love at first sight? :D For me I guess I was utterly swayed by Rokurou’s hips (*q*) I was so distracted by him every time he appeared in the anime to the point I sometimes overlook anime’s inadequacies. Now I kinda understand why there are so many big boobs on male oriented anime cos this is the male equivalent of female boobie moe orz;;

      Gaa~ I wish they made a figure of him.

  2. Just read on ANN that Crunchyroll will be streaming this starting 1/10 at 2pm EST. This is great! I can’t wait to see it!

    1. @yudashin: That’s great! Crunchyroll may not have license to broadcast in my region so I’ll have to try and see. They blocked out utapuri the other time. Most probably would have to rely on fansubs again :)

  3. Lol..a shonen anime based on Shimotsuki Kairi’s manga? looks interesting, I’ll definetely check it out once it started anyway, I just hope that the story not dull like many of the fangirls oriented anime/BL animes nowadays. I like bishonen but not so much that I’ll enterely skip past the story&prod. values, to be honest I would love more fangirls anime oriented/BL animes to balance the fanboys out there but unfortunately beside natsume yuujinchou&No. 6(beside the WTF coup out ending^^), the others were kinda meh. I mean hakuoki&uta-pri is the best they can come up so far, really????
    The only great bishies(reverse harem) series that I know so far is only Saiunkoku, n that’s also come from a great josei novel, not some mediocre otome game, but look at how it sales anyway>.< Of couse there's many crap fanboys animes out there, but at least the most popular ones is trully deserved it, it certainly shows from the prod. values, story, structure, themes, animation quality, etc is wayyyy above those fangirls anime at the moment, I mean titles such as Evangelion, Madoka Magica, Anohana, Steins Gate & the recent Fate/Zero are prove of that. What I want to say is at least these fanboys targeted animes often gets the best treatment from the studio anime..So I hope in the future with the more increasing fangirls/BL animes, not just in quantity but also comes along with quality that made it a bit of grounbreaking or something, like some of those fanboys animes, not just your usual bishies galore, heck if I just want bishies anime I can always watch stuff like code geass, gundam seed, gundam 00,etc…heck even Fate/Zero has good amount of bishies(pleasant faces) for most of the male charas & that at least has top notch animation qualites compared to almost all of the fangirls/BL animes I've encountered so far^^

    1. @hikari: I think most of us want and prefer to enjoy a good story with memorable characters rather than fan-service just for the sake of it. I generally won’t waste time on anime with bad production values/story-telling, etc even if it has a truckload of bishies. Togainu anime was an exception cos I just had to see how bad it was going to get lol~

      The only reverse harem I really enjoyed was Ouran, I should watch Saiunkoku cos I’ve also heard and read good things of it. Others don’t quite live up to expectation… yeah, Hakuouki and Uta-pri included. Well, the era of the fangirls are coming (well, at least in the merchandising sense) Hopefully, like you said, it also means better quality for animes targeted at fangirls too :)

  4. @ponytale
    CAST OFF!!! *nosebleed* but yea right. In our dreams. Lol.

    Well at least the animation is done by nakajima Atsuko so it’s pretty, but that’s all ther is >_<

  5. I actually read the manga and its good! Bishies and extreme action! There are some ecchi scenes though.

    and Yes,,, Rokuro *drools*
    The author used to make BL mangas so I was not surprised at the eye candy.

    I really cant wait for the anime ><

    1. some ecchi scenes? x.x
      i would say its all over the place xDDD

      this would be the only thing that bugs me from brave 10… extreme number of ecchi scenes…
      female ecchi scenes that is lol
      it’s funny how theres no flat/normal breast girl yet o.O lol

      i hope they dont abuse the ecchi scenes so much in the anime…
      but there is a possibility that they add more to bring in more male audience, gah! Dx

      btw, i dont like yukimura here ~.~
      im so used to basara’s yukimura x3

    2. Ehhh….ecchi scenes .___.; I’m hoping they don’t abuse that in the anime but knowing it, they probably would.

      lol! well, guess big boobs appeal to the boys?

      I’m tempted to read the manga…XD oh, but I read that the female lead is useless and always needs to be saved….(lame) lol

    3. @ponytale
      im not even sure if they are wearing pantsus at all o.O
      cos theres just this undrawn area… so i’m like does no1 here wear anything beneath their clothes? x_x

      and i like doggies x3
      they are the cutest thing everrr x3
      that and non tsundere cats *-*
      i hate tsunderes ~_~

    4. @Shirokaze: Hahaha… :D but considering the period setting, I won’t be surprised if they have a no-pantsu habit ^^;;
      Yeah tsundere can be annoying if not done right lol~

  6. Ok, Rokurou got my attention, nuff said xDDDD. And yeah, he looks like Saito :3. Daisuke Ono, Takahiro Sakurai… That pretty much got me too xDDDDDDDDDD.

    I didn’t played the Hakuoki games, but I enjoyed the anime D:. The thing is they focused on the historical side, and this is what I liked about it, an anime from a romance game without romance, how cool is that?! xDDDDDDDDDDD Mainly because I feel that romance (if poorly/badly done) can ruin an anime for me, and in Hakuoki we only see romance almost at the end, and… Well, to avoid spoilers, we know how that pans out xD. And it’s the first time a female protagonist from a reverse harem anime does not drive me nuts… That much D:

    Still, the animation looks good, gonna check it out :3.

    1. @Asamisa: The main thing that caught my eye when I first saw it on Comic Gene website was wow this guy with a big sword is cute! Then after the anime website was up I drooled at the pure sexiness of those waist/thigh/hips. OTL;;; *shallow* This is probably the female equivalent of the usual big booby fan-service for males in anime.

      There are fans who wanted to see more romance for Hakuouki but I’m with you for this one. It’s safer to keep to the main story and not force the romance for the sake of it. The female lead here is sweet and not annoying to me. Thank goodness.

    2. @ponytale Yeah, and we’re starting guys complaining about the the new “shounen for girls” wave in anime and manga XDDDDD. Sorry guys, it’s girls turn. Okay, I admit that one of the things that call my attention to a serie is the characters xDD *shallow too*, but if it has a lame story and/or production I won’t stick to it and join the fandom.

      I felt I was watching Rurouni Kenshin back in my youth when I watched Hakuoki TTwTT. It’s not only the hot guys and the all-stars seiyuu cast, what we see is acurate to the actual events during Tokugawa’s last years and firsts of Meiji; SPOILER ALERT the real Hijikata actually died from a shot at his stomach, and we don’t see Saitou’s death directly because he was one of the few that survived. SPOILER ALERT
      Sorry for the romance fans, and you’re right on the forcing romance thing. Hakuoki could easily ended up like a generic anime adaptation of an otome game, instead, it managed to garner a MALE FANBASE, few otome anime can say that xD.
      What bothers me about Chizuru is that she never uses that damn sword and puts herself in danger knowing she can’t handle it, but she’s not THAT BAD, like her otome main girls peers. But she reminds of a certain useless awkward girl, surounded by vampire bishounen… Oh, nevermind xD.

    1. @Kisa: :D~ yeah since Rokurou is Sanada’s personal bodyguard right… imagine being shadowed by such delectable eye candy everyday XDD I’ll push him down everyday hahaha

  7. I’m totally going to watch this show when it comes out! It looks really interesting! Lots of bishies! Sasuke is super cute!!!

  8. Just saw this post.. OMG

    I love that *obscene* outfit LOLz
    I am not a Kamiyan fan, nor a fan of any bishies whom he has voiced so far, but his design is one of the best among the cast. Reminds me of Saito, HELLA like Saito from Hakuoki, but with his eye bandaged. But Saito always have his hair covering one eye anyway.
    In yaoi games with modern setting, eye patch does the job,
    but the bandage-moe in a historical setting is clever! Love it!

    I am hoping this will surpass Sengoku Basara, but as you can see this is meant to be for females so there’s a high chance that they will screw this anime since Japan is ALL about fanboys… The one and only female-oriented anime that has topped the dvd sales chart and beat K-On’s record is Uta no Prince Sama… SO FAR.

    And speaking of Hakuoki, the only reason it gets so much attention and goodies is because the popularity of the game. The anime really sucks, but there are hardcore fans of the game out there to support it so it was hanging in there… So, I certainly hope there will be many goodies coming but unless those dvds sales do well.. may be the most we can expect is 1 or 2 clear files or pencil boards in animate, sigh.

    I WANT a figure of Rokurou… I LOVE his outfit… it’s screaming for other bishies to pull it down even further…

    1. @urusaiii: TOTALLY. So much love for the *obscene* outfit XDD I would love to have a figure of his too! And HE MUST COME WITH A CAST OFF OPTION like those big-breasted figures the fanboys get!!!! MUhahahaha~ And yeah… he does resemble Saito huh :D

      The animation house doing this seems to be new? Hopefully they care enough about their reputation to do a good job.

      Thank goodness Uta no Prince Sama did well and probably will pave the way for more female-oriented shows. Yeah, you have a good point. Hakuouki anime plays a supportive role for the main product (the games) where the money is. It was ok but people who aren’t already fans of the game would probably not enjoy the anime much in itself.

  9. (n˘v˘•)¬ /pulls down kamiyan’s hakama

    the cast is so lovely and don’t even let me start with the art..
    i love historical animes especially [naked charas].. ermmm, i mean, old ‘historical’ clothing ≖‿≖

    will surely watch this~(。♥‿♥。)

  10. I have to agree with you there. This series caught my eye first too because of the seiyuu cast and art :) But it sounds like an interesting story so I hope it turns out to be a good watch! Plus, i like historical settings ~

    But gosh, so many good seiyuus!

    Ono Daisuke, Kamiyan, Sakupyon, Mori mori, Kaikihara Tetsuya….but what excites me more is Ono Daisuke and Kamiyan duo!! lol the ‘shizaya’ pair ^^

    plus, when I saw the picture, I was like ‘oh…the one on the left is DEF kamiyan” and it is! O__O i can’t help looking at his clothes….its so …you know. Now I gotta go watch the PV!

    1. @momo: hehehe all of us Shizaya fans will squeeee over this XDD It’ll be fun if they have fan-service for this as well.
      My eyes also can’t look away at the glaring nakedness of his sexy thighs and waist… and think about how easy it is to strip that piece of cloth from him lol~

  11. Oh my gosh, Shimotsuki Kairi’s one of my fave yaoi mangakas~
    Her art’s amazing and detailed. I especially loved how she designed the characters’ outfits.
    If you’ve read her other works(which mostly consists of sci-fi yaoi), I’m sure you’d understand. :D
    And lol at the Shizaya seiyuu pairing. XD

    1. @Liru: I didn’t know she did Yaoi too :D I’ll watch out for her works. Thanks for sharing!
      Yes, I couldn’t resist putting this seiyuu pairing together <3 Shizaya/OnoDHiroC

    2. Well, there’s Heaven’s Love and Inferior Doll(scanlation in halt). :D
      Kimi wo Mukaeni is more slice of life, but it’s really hilarious~

  12. I’ve been keeping an eye on this for quite a while and I read a bit of the manga, it was interesting, I enjoyed reading what I read, there was a bit of ecchi with Anastasia and whatnot but well I didn’t mind it since OMG Saizou 8D and Kamiya’s when I first saw them I inmediately thought ”Shizaya!!!! 8D” since there’s always a way to join Daisuke Ono and Hiroshi Kamiya together. this show is one of those Im REALLY looking forward to

    1. @Rukia: Ecchi is ok for me too and hopefully they don’t shy away from the fan-service for us girls as well :D
      I wonder if there’ll be Shizaya vibe in this anime too since OnoD and HiroC seems to be playing two of the main characters. XD Hope they do a great job for this!

  13. I’m lol-ing at Kamiyan’s characater’s clothing aha but ahhh, I’m pretty sure you aren’t the only one who checked out the PV because of the eye-candy (my friend did too lmao). I got interested when it popped up on Comic Gene’s website but yessss, eye candy, historical setting, and the cast list! Want want want. Also, the theme song performances makes me excited too lol (Ono Daisuke is a given but I realllly enjoy Kakkii-chan’s voice). I just hope I don’t stay interested only because of the visuals though haha. Then again, I haven’t read the manga…

    1. @Niii: Yeah first thing that came into my mind is woah… it looks like his crotch is the only thing (along with those waist straps) that’s holding it up hahaha XDD Serious eye candy (*q*)

      It has the Sengoku Basara formula that should attract fans of the game as well. It’ll be fun if they don’t shy away from fan-service.

      Looking forward to listening to the theme song too!

  14. Looks interesting! :) With the cast line up, although I got more interested after seeing who wrote it and the fact it had Yukimura in it. *shallow*

    Although I’m embarrassed to admit, I can’t but help to look in horrified fascination at Kamiya’s character’s clothing. How does he keep that piece of material from slipping off? Especially in battle?

    1. @di: ^^;; while I was attracted by the eye-candy and seiyuu cast… I love historical too so…

      Yeah! His hakama looks like it is hanging on for dear life lol~ XD How delicious. Love to see how that works during battle too. Considering the type of attack he has, he must be counting on the fact that his enemies cannot get close enough to pull his hakama down lol~

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