Anime: Aquarion Evol (Kawamori Shoji, mecha, reincarnation)

I have to admit, I looked up about Aquarion Evol アクエリオンEVOL, sequel to an earlier series because I think the character designs of the guys are attractive and guess what I found…

The first series was released back in 2004 and it had it’s mecha-piloting characters (of both sexes) going into orgasmic heights every time they combine their robots together OTL. Check out the video 創聖のアクエリオン 合体集.

It’s rather hilarious to see, especially for a BLCD fangirl. One of the exercises had 3 main male pilots having a fabulous time when they combined really well with one another. Replay the video from point 29~33 sec, close your eyes and it’s like hearing them climax one after the other. 3P anyone? OTL;;; Oh btw, the seiyuus were Sugita Tomokazu (1st long haired guy), Morikawa Toshiyuki (2nd guy), Terashima Takuma (guy in the middle) *cough*

So silly. Yeah, you probably already knew that long ago, didn’t you? Since the anime was released way back in 2004. I didn’t watch the series at all… so.

The original series had BL weaved into it’s background story with a spurned male Shadow Angel (Holy Angel Toma voiced by Morikawa Toshiyuki) seeking revenge on his cheating male partner (Apollonius)’s reincarnated male human form, Apollo (voiced by Terashima Takuma) ^^;;

Summary for Aquarion, the first series (from ANN)
When the Shadow Angels invade after 12,000 years of slumber, humanity is held captive by fear and sheer alien dominance. Eleven years after the Great Catastrophe decimated the world, most of those left alive are scavengers, dirty and starving in the streets. There is hope, however: Mechanical Angel Aquarion!

Powered by three souls intertwined (oh~ so that’s where we get all those orgasmic cries), a rare breed of pilot takes the controls. Known as Elements, one among them must rise if mankind is to survive. Prophecy is being fulfilled as the end of the world approaches… Through a swirling cloud of love, betrayal, loss and destiny, the last hope for the new century arrives and takes flight!

The anime attempts to marry mecha with Greek mythology and biblical themes. I haven’t watched it (and probably won’t be watching it anytime soon), so I can’t comment very much on it. To cut the long story short, please check out the detail with character references at wikipedia :P

Anyway, don’t you think the character designs of the upcoming anime remind you of Kurahana Chinatsu’s (倉花千夏) style? They look gorgeous.

Compare the above with her 2011 calendar artwork (which I forgot to buy ^^;;)

Director, Kawamori Shoji and animation studio, Satelight, so I’m just speculating from just one image.

Update: It’s official. Kurahana Chinatsu’s (倉花千夏) IS one of the staff for character design :D Its interesting to note that all the male characters are designed by her and all the female characters are designed by another illustrator, Ishida Kana (石田可奈) who designed the popular male-oriented anime “My sister can’t be this cute” 俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない

Official site:

Kayano Ai as Mikono
Kaji Yuki as Amata

Fujimura Ayumi as M I X
Namikawa Daisuke as Shrade
Yasumoto Hiroki as Izumo
Fukushima Jun as Jin
Suwabe Junichi as Donar
Hanazawa Kana as Zessica
Suzumura Kenichi as Cayenne
Satou Kensuke as Malloy
Uchiyama Kouki as Kagura
Toriumi Kousuke as Andy
Nakajima Megumi as Sazanka
Kobayashi Sanae as Suomi
Nakamura Yuuichi as Mikage

Tanaka Rie as Alicia

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17 thoughts on “Anime: Aquarion Evol (Kawamori Shoji, mecha, reincarnation)”

    1. @shi-en-ta: Yep thats her :D Glad to help! Lamento 2012 is illustrated by another artist. Yamada Uirou’s style is not as strong/distinct as the Kurahana Chinatsu and Onitsuka Seiji,

  1. the other day i saw megahouse was doing this figure
    so im like: this dude looks cool. ima watch the anime to see what’s it about so make me want the figure xD
    *googles anime title*
    wait… isnt this… it’s the orgasmic anime ponytale posted about!!! >=O

    i couldnt stop laughing during the second half of the 1st episode… it’s so weird and ridiculous and just odd xDDDDD
    the bad guy reminded me of berserk eva e.e lol

    1. @Shirokaze: XD OH YES! Kagura! I hope they make Mikage too. Such a beauty <3 And I'll put them together and have Mikage torment Kagura lololol XD

      Yeah the show is ridiculous but so enjoyable. I liked it <33 and the eye candy and BL fan-service are pretty neat!

  2. It’s crazy how much the dvds are going for!o-o
    Why are the dvds in japan so expensive!? There only one are two episodes on each. ;;;

    1. @sigma: Production costs within Japan must be very expensive but we also have to take into account that packaging and freebies included are quite awesome too, compared to licensed ones overseas :-\

  3. Personally i watched this and honestly its written quite well. unlke some show like this it actually gives you time to know the chacters before anything important happens. I’m very exited for Aquarion Evol. and a side note is there any other shows i should watch like this cause i would like to know if there are any in this general genre.

    1. @ThE FaLLeN SiDe: Sounds encouraging! I’ll definitely try to get round to watching the series when I can :) I don’t think I’ve watched enough mecha series to give a good and comprehensive recommendation. However, a recent one I’m following and love is Break Blade (or Broken Blade) It has mecha, fantasy and good characterisation. It’s unlikely but if you haven’t watched Code Geass yet, please do :)

  4. Whoa~ I need to check this out. I love mecha series. They’re so exciting and plot is usually good. ;3 I haven’t watched this anime as well. It seems good and I agree that the art is nice. Maybe they’ll release it late this year or next year. Reminds me about the new season of Code Geass, no announcement about it yet, too.

    1. @GlaringDream: Yeah I’ll give it a try when it come out too :3 As for the rumoured Code Geass S3, it turned out to be a manga project instead. If I’m not wrong, that is.

  5. The 2011 callendar artwork looks like Akira xPPPPPP.

    So, they’re re-doing it? Maybe I’ll watch it, since I don’t have anything else XDDDDD

  6. fhjyj When I first saw that image I actually THOUGHT it was Chinathu Kurahana… so I was excited and immediately went to her site while this tab loaded ;___;
    Still, it really does look nice and so I might.. maybe, give it a try. Can’t get worse than their first attempt, right?

    The orgasmic transformation used to be the “new” rick roll’ed of that time XD
    How I missed it.

    1. @Oru: yeah I thought it was her too X3 I’ll probably give it a try too when it’s released cos the character designs look very beautiful. Pffft trust them to think of something like that. My impression of transforming/combing robots is forever changed XD

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