Anime: Ai wa KAT-TUN (Kamenashi Kazuya)

Real-life boy-bands taking a shot at otaku girls in their anime form.

With awesome illustration by Kurahana Chinatsu 倉花千夏 who designed characters for BL and otome works like Togainu no Chi, Uta no Prince Sama, they’re definitely on the right track.

Title: Ai wa KAT-TUN (KAT-TUN is Love) 愛はKAT-TUN
Date: 13 January 2012
Available only on Japanese mobile phones
Cast: The singers as themselves
No. of episodes: 5 (completed)
Official site:

Description: In the story, animated versions of the singers Kamenashi Kazuya 亀梨和也, Taguchi Junnosuke 田口淳之介, Tanaka Kouki 田中聖, Ueda Tatsuya 上田竜也, and Nakamaru Yuuichi 中丸雄一 appear in unintentionally romantic situations with their younger sister. Each of the mobile anime series’ five 50-second episodes highlights one KAT-TUN performer.

From left: Tanaka Kouki, Ueda Tatsuya, Kamenashi Kazuya, Nakamaru Yuuichi, Taguchi Junnosuke

For a limited time, the Ai wa KAT-TUN anime shorts are available for free on Japanese mobile phones. A 31-second commercial, which includes actual photographs of the KAT-TUN members, also began airing in Japan on Friday. Produced by Japanese mobile content developer MTI. (from anime news network)


The completed short anime

It is established from the beginning that the siblings are not blood-related, similar to a relatively recent otome game Brothers Conflict. The siblings have been staying together for a month and the sister experiences doki-doki feelings (heart thumping excitement) every day surrounded by her handsome brothers. The production quality of the short anime is pretty good. Typical, cliched shoujo/otome settings but cute, if only the setting isn’t brother-sister.

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16 thoughts on “Anime: Ai wa KAT-TUN (Kamenashi Kazuya)”

  1. LOLOLOL I liked Kamenashi Katsuya in 2D and 3D, as for the other boys… Sorry, your 2D counterparts look better xDDDDDDDDDD. Must be Kurahana Chinatsu’s magic *-*.

    Bitch, please XDDDDD.

    1. @Asamisa: Definitely sensei’s magic. I like Kamenashi Katsuya cos of a few J-dramas I watched a long way back. Not very familiar with the other guys tho.

    2. LOLOL I’m not familiar with J- and K-dramas, since I’m lazy to look for them, but I have watched Coffee Prince :DDDDD

      Her hands are magical, and everytime she takes a pencil, it transforms in a wand that makes everything beautiful *-*

    1. @Mayon: Lol~ same here… that’s why this boyband is trying to attract us by becoming 2D
      I find that Junnosuke 2/D3D has very nice expression in his eyes especially.

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