Anime: 07-Ghost (Mitsuki Saiga, Hayami Sho)


I was pretty impressed by 07-Ghost (セブンゴースト), a recently broadcast anime adapted from manga by Amemiya Yuki 雨宮由樹 and Ichihara Yukino 市原ゆき乃. I read that it is one of the most anticipated (fangirl) anime this season and it certainly did not disappoint.

07-Ghost anime has done almost everything right with the abundant number and range of bishonen (uniformed, megane glasses, kichiku evil, genki sunshine, tormented and angsty…) from young (chibi protagonist was seriously cute) to old (Sensei, Sexy men with a past *cough*) to satisfy everybody’s preferences. But apart from just a pretty surface, it has an intriging premise and plot. And so far there isn’t any annoying or pretentious character in sight yet.

Marrying magic, fantasy, sci-fi (the mecha), religious and gothic themes, there’s a high chance of it messing everything up and stretching our ability to follow the story. However, I find the first few episodes very well-paced and able to quickly establish the setting and main characters of this fantasy world with action, humour and character interaction. It held my interest and made me care enough to find out what awaits these characters in the future.

07-Ghost was animated by Studio DEEN who also did Kyou Kara Maoh and Junjou Romantica. The animation was fluid and varied. Although I never liked computer animation CG that is obvious in anime but I guess the trend is irreversible especially for vehicles and such. Fortunately, it is relatively well-integrated with the 2D and does not distrupt viewing and flow of the story. The special effects used for presenting magic cast was quite good tho’ And with a stellar cast including Mitsuki Saiga and Hayami Sho, we’re in for a visual and audio feast. If you enjoyed Kyou Kara Maoh, this is certainly not to be missed :)

Quick Summary (edited from ANN):

Set in a gothic fantasy world, this is the story of Teito Klein, an orphaned slave who lost his memory but went on to become the top student at the military academy. An unexpected turn of events left him in pursuit by the forces of the Barsburg Empire. Now an escaping convict, Teito was sheltered by the church, protected by the 7 Ghost guardians and it’s law of sanctuary. Here, he discovered many mysteries surrounding himself, the church, and the Empire itself. As bits and pieces of his memories returned in better clarity, Teito was compelled to find out about his connection to a dethroned king and the mystical stone of god, ‘The Eye of Mikhael’. What will become of Teito in his quest to uncover the truth?

Rating: Recommended

Official site:

Mitsuki Saiga as Teito Kleinerrorsource
Hayami Sho as Ayanami
Kiuchi Hidenobu as Father (Bishop)
Takahashi Hiroki as King (of Raggs)
Suwabe Junichi as Frau
Miyata Kouki as Labrador
Chiba Susumu as Castor
Kawasumi Ayako as Sister Athena
Saito Chiwa as Kuroyuri
Kirii Daisuke as Bastien
Kishio Daisuke as Konatsu
Namikawa Daisuke as Mikage
Fukuyama Jun as Hakuren Oak
Nakai Kazuya as Katsuragi
Hamada Kenji as Hyuuga
Noto Mamiko as Sister Rosary
Senda Mitsuo as Miroku
Irino Miyu as Shuri Oak
Hatano Wataru as Haruse

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64 thoughts on “Anime: 07-Ghost (Mitsuki Saiga, Hayami Sho)”

  1. aww poor Tatsumi an Shuri. Tragic.

    I love it when they do those countdown thingys! XD
    i actually want to order it but i doubt any stores would do shipping to out of japan.

    lol we did it was months back. i couldn’t remember your zodiac an i thought it was this one so i asked just in case so i don’t look stupid, but ended up looking stupid anyway lol XD
    hmm i wanted to sleep because i was seriously tired from working but i ended up being out all day with family an friends. i got a sun burn (still have it o-o) i cried an so on it was a busy day right when i came home late at night i dropped on the bed an snoozed.

    What’d you do?

    1. o~ I would order the game from comicomi ^^ They ship internationally! Thank goodness! XD I bought sweet pool and Lucky Dog 1 from them too. Hmm still considering if I should get Hanakage. Haven’t even completed Lucky Dog 1 x_x

      Nah don’t say that… nothing stupid about it okie? XD Ah~ sounds memorable still lol~ with the sunburn and all… well, I spent my birthday working cos of deadlines (T_T) but I celebrated it with family (after during weekend) and some friends (before) but not on the actual date.

  2. Kya i love silver chaos.;w;
    The main character was so uke!
    I liked best the endings from the extra game.

    Tatsumi acted like that because of his parents right? From what i remember they liked his brother an not him (?), did they also hit him? Not sure.
    i remember nikaidous bad ending, that was upsetting.

    also in tatsumis worst ending did he an shuri both die from the fire? i got the impression they did but just making sure. I couldn’t really understand what he was telling shuri to intense. ;-;

    I can’t wait to play the new game. ♥
    I want some great tatsumi x shuri scenes~

    omg i thought you were this zodiac! X///X;;
    aw.. happy late Bday~;
    Im a leo (Aug) ^^

    1. Ah~ if I’m not wrong, Mighto was voiced by Suzumura Kenichi (Lavi in DGrayman) XD although I didn’t know it at that time being a BL game newbie and all. I liked the fan disc a lot more too XD The actual Silver Chaos 1 and 2 games were too repetitive.

      Yeah, Tatsumi’s brother was like the goody-goody boy who can’t do anything wrong and was favoured by their overly stern father. If I understood correctly, one of the reasons Tatsumi opened the brothel was to spite his father and family.

      If I remembered correctly, the fire was an accident but Tatsumi was too caught up in his fears of losing Shuri to Nikaidou and refused to let him go, so that both of them can escape the burning room. (erm… they were having sex, weren’t they? When the fire started… ^^;;;) Shuri who loves Tatsumi back gave up struggling and both of them died in the end I think.

      I hope for good Tatsumi x Shuri scenes too ^^ Apparently, if you’re in Japan and you buy the game early, you’ll also be able to receive a special mini-drama for Tatsumi x Shuri if you mail-in an exclusive coupon or something. They put up the official demo extract of the drama: Also, the countdown messages read by each character are up on the website too… so tantalising XD~ I’m fighting very hard with myself not to order it now. Have to wait till the $ comes in first. So broke already.

      AH~ same to you too! Hmm I have a dejavu feeling about our zodiac tho… did we talk about it before? XD How did you celebrate?

  3. lol!

    Ah that’s true i forgot about points.OTL;;

    That’s neat this game was your first bl game.Togainu was my first time playing bl game.

    I love Shuri x Izumi too, this pairing would be my favorite. (The one ending were Izumi lost it made me so sad it was so bittersweet. )
    Igarashi x shuri would be my secound fav. It was so sweet! (I have to say the bad ending though broke my heart. I couldn’t believe what he was doing to Shuri!;__;)

    It’s so hard to pick between the brothers but i think i loved Nikaidou x Shuri more than the other because the Route was fun to play but at the same time to see tatsumi’s sweet side was super cute! Ah i can’t choose after all…;A;

    Oyagi’s bad endings creeped me out lol. The good ending was adorable though. The bad ending with the dolls and chains hmm muuuuuraaakii i kept thinking. Then the other bad ending i’m thinking he was mistaking Shuri for his dead son(?) was really sad.

    All the bad endings were shocking in this game! Especially the Tatsumi one.0__0
    Great stories~ This next games is going to be so fun. I wonder if Shuri is going to end up Jealous though.XD

    I noticed Starry sky has wallpaper with your zodiac character up. When is your bday btw?

    1. Actually, Silver Chaos was my first game but it was also created by the same company. I think Hanamachi was probably my 3rd? Yeah… And in that ending, adult Shuri was so good looking ^^ and we’ll get to see his adult form in the new game again XD I like Shuri x Izumi pairing’s best ending cos the boys grew up to be such cuties when they left the brothel. XD

      Well, you’re definitely right about the bad endings *_* they’re really quite twisted. I also prefer Nikaidou over Tatsumi. Tasumi sure has issues! Nikaidou’s worst ending was terrible too *_* Hahaha Muraki Oyaji! That’s a good comparison!

      If I understood correctly, in the new game Shuri is going to leave the brothel soon but he still loves Tatsumi. I hope they have a good ending together ^^

      My birthday is in May and that’s Taurus. XD How about you?

  4. lol yea that’s how it is when i had mine i couldn’t even remember my own home/cell number sometimes which was sad. XD;;
    Sense i stopped owning one i remember even my friends number after many years! 0-0 its amazing;
    (You know what i think most people don’t relies how dependent were getting with electronics that’s supposed to make things easier an convent for us. for example credit cards/an calculators/inc. I see people getting worst at the simplest math problems for example change. i remember this guy from a few weeks back who didn’t know how much he was supposed to give the clerk an kept making mistakes so he put out what he had from his pocket to let her get the amount. he even commented he was terrible at math. That kinda shocked me i mean even if a person is really terrible at math they at least know money right? The world works around money!~OTL
    As for credit cards when i went to this museum event there was too lines one for money and one for credit cards. guess what line was super long? The credit card line. I was so shocked at how many people don’t carry money any more. But maybe its just me.0__0;;)

    omg i loved that arc! Its was so sweet an sad. Your almost close to the recent chapters. The arc your on now is so screwy. XD

    that is strange…hmm

    who was your favorite pairing in hanamachi? I think you told me before but i can’t remember at the moment.;

    1. Yeah, nowadays we would use the calculator in our cellphone to calculate bills and stuff ^^;;; too convenient! I think our brains are regressing lol~

      Mmm as for credit card, I think partly cos using the cards can get you points, freebies or discounts, so I can understand why hehe. I would pay by credit card even if I have enough cash XP

      Okie! I’ll look for the new chapters when I can. ^^

      I don’t remember if I told you either hehe… It is one of the first BL games I’ve played and at that time I wasn’t familiar with seiyuus yet. My fav are Sakuya x Shuri and Izumi (Fukuyama Jun! *shock*) x Shuri. Coincidentally, both couples are reversible ^^ Well, Igarashi is a close fav and I also find the oyaji (Kagami-san?) pairing with Shuri surprisingly sweet (good ending) How about you? XD

  5. “ittan desu ka? E~ zutto” XD

    i like hikkimori too. I think meru meru can be really cute at times. the one epi were she gets made at sensei an the class was great. XD (i swear people these days can’t live without there phone/text message/inc 24/7 they might as well turn meru an speak phone language.);;;

    gantz hasnt ended yet~
    there was a chapter released i think two weeks ago. lol i did a marathon a few months ago too along with berserk after. Its just THAT good! I fell for all the Tae an Kurono scenes. Kurono is so Aww factor~ there were so many characters i wanted to see live.
    What chapter did you leave off on?

    oh! i read a post on lj about gants becoming live action!

    omg i dont know what it would be maybe X-rating. 0-0

    i have yet to play hanakage i cant wait. I still have to play lucky dog;

    1. hahaha yeah meru meru was like sending all those mean messages to everybody XD I think those people include twitter addicts? As for me I really don’t mind not having my mobile with me at all… although it maybe a bit inconvenient if I had to call somebody. I used to be able to remember most of my friends’ phone numbers when I was a kid but ever since using the mobile, I can hardly recall any now. ^^;;;

      O~ I thought gantz has ended. I can’t remember exactly where I left off now *_* I was rushing through the chapters and when I saw that it hasn’t ended gaaa~ frustration! The deepest impression is the arc where he has to “take care” of his girlfriend. Seriously cruel and unexpected. Ah~ I think I read till the part where they met another seemingly more powerful group in the gantz world.

      Mmm, I think they’ll probably tone down the naked scenes and get it down to an R or M-rating. Violence usually doesn’t warrant an X-rating. Strange, isn’t it?

      Hanakage demo is quite short. Looks very pretty ^^ I think story-wise it is quite predictable but the illustrations is awesome. I’m behind on Lucky Dog too.

  6. lol Yea my favorite is Fujiyoshi~
    I like the other character to that says “i’ll sue you!” i forgot her name.XD
    who your favorite students from the group?

    yay, i hope to see more berserk goods…..(sigh if only the managaka would take things seriously. I read that he was being sidetracked by alot of things like idolmaster an nicovideo inc;;;)
    I saw some OVA shots that were on the internet but i saw comments of it being fake so i don’t know. But i think it looks great.
    Gants is a really extreme manga like berserk i’d recommend it to any berserker fan.

    lol if chinsubu were to ever get animated i would fall over. XD
    I would love to see a animated series featuring noboru senseis character designs. Have you heard anything about hanakage game yet? It was releases this month?

    1. Hahaha me too! I was really happy when they included Fujiyoshi. Ah, that panty flash character! Lol! I remember her surname is Kimura? I like the stalker girl… ittan desu ka? E~ zutto… XD I think Hikkimori and Maria are very cute too.

      Don’t worry, I think you’ll get your Berserk OVA very soon! *analyse anime remakes by related goods releases* lol~

      GANTZ manga has ended right? I remember marathoning through the scanlations months ago when I wasn’t so busy. It was such a page turner but it hasn’t ended at that time! I’ve not watched the anime yet tho’.

      Yeah Chintsubu would be such a riot to watch! XD But I wonder how they’ll be animating the chinkos… cute in the manga as they are… Japan has a wierd film rating system where all the private parts must either hidden (dats why we don’t see any Fuyu no Semi privates XP) or be pixelated (but still slapped with an 18+ restriction) otherwise it gets an X-rating (Sensitive pornograph/Legend of the Blue wolves)?

      Hmm Hanakage will be released on 23 Oct. The demo was such tantalising teaser. Have you played it? I think I would enjoy this cast (esp. Kondou Takashi’s older uke) over the Midorikawa’s younger uke in Hanamachi. The CG is even more nosebleeding than the first game. X3 Ah~ It’ll be so yummy to see Noboru sensei’s characters animated!

  7. Hehehe… every season had some BL references since one of the characters is a BL fangirl lol~ Yeah Pandora Hearts isn’t top priority but I guess if there isn’t any else…

    Oh yeah I forgot to include the link to Kaidan Restaurant Ah~ Darker than Black S1 was good and its nice to see more of Hei in S2 ^^ I really like his voice keke.

    Hmm I think Berserk might be getting a remake or OVA judging from the release/preorders of quite a number of Berserk goods recently. They don’t sell these goods for no reason, especially for such an old series.

    Are you alice would be cool and such a big cast. Mmm not read the other few you’ve listed… Must go find out more XD Otomen has live action drama already, so maybe we might just get lucky. Wah I think Okusan daily fantasies would be hilarious! And I’ll really love to see Chinsubu and Lucky Dog 1 too! We have so many wishlists XD XD

  8. yea i need to finish zetsubou sensei i want to watch it more from the post you made. XD
    For pandora hearts i have seen like 4 epis when it started out it was interesting but not enough to keep my attention.;; I think it did end.

    Omg serious letter Bee!! I love this manga i can’t believe there making a series, this makes me happy! I’ve seen the pilot of it before an it was beautifully animated.

    lol miracle train, i think i’d watch it for the same reasons as you. XD

    So many remakes of the three kingdoms.0-0;;

    Winter sonata i’ve seen it listed on the drama list i was going to watch it yesterday too lol. I’m glad i didn’t it would be neat to see animated one first.

    yea kimi ni todoke looks interesting. I also read that summer wars is coming looks good too. I want to watch darker than black two but never finished season 1. Fall season looks good. Alot of unexpected series got animated.(Some series that would be neat animated would be berserk(Ova), Are you alice, Di(e)ce, karneval, deadman wonderland,ilegenes,otomen. For yaoi Lucky dog 1,Okusan daily fantasys, Chintsubu. XD;;)

    Thank you so much for info~! ^^

    1. Zan Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei? XD lol~ I’ve also watched Bakemonogatari ^^ thanks for your recommendation. I find it refreshing and I like it too! The style and treatment of the show is also quite different and reminds me of the zetsubo sensei anime. How about Pandora Hearts? I only watched episode 1. It just ended this week too right?

      As for the upcoming anime season, the must-watch for me is definitely Darker than Black Season 2. Other than that there’re a couple more which I find interesting, especially Kaidan Restaurant.

      Some considerations which I might try are:
      Armed Librarians Book of Bantorra,
      Letter Bee,
      Miracle Train Ouedo-sen e Youkoso – Fangirl flick cos all cute guys! XD,
      Blue Literature Aoi Bungaku – Character designed by Death Note mangaka,
      Romance of the Three Kingdoms – yeah its been remaked to death but this one looks pretty,
      Winter Sonata – It is now going to be an anime. Although I didn’t watch the drama, I heard so many good things abt it XP and
      Kimi ni Todoke – I read the synopsis and it has Nobuta wo Produce feel to it ^^.

      I think if you like Korean drama, you’ll probably like Winter Sonata and Kimi ni Todoke.

  9. After they announced a second season, there wasn’t any more news about Kuroshitsuji. My guess is yeah, probably winter or next year.

    (T_T) 07-Ghost is over… since the manga hasn’t ended yet, I believe we can expect another season? Hehe… I didn’t notice the bangs XD Maybe its the way he wears his hat? lol~ Maybe somebody took over the artist who is drawing him and affected the continuity XP

    I remember seeing in other anime (can’t remember exactly) where character’s bangs flip from left to right in the same scene depending on the direction he is facing ^^;;; duh.

    Ah~ I hope they also include the opening and ending songs on the OST too. ^^

  10. what season is kuroshitsuji showing again? next year maybe?

    **spoilers for last epi of 07 ghost**************

    It’s over…i miss it already. The ending was worth it because of mikage. ;A;

    I cant wait tll they release the OST. l heart the raggs song.
    Just have one complaint….why does Aya-tan have magical bangs!? One minute its long an covering his eye, the next its short waojrowjtwa~

  11. Yeah that was what I tot of when I first saw the opening XD and what a cute illustration! XD Love the bishops’ expressions lol~

    YES! Kuroshitsuji is coming back! They did leave an open enough ending since we didn’t exactly see Sebby eat Ciel up. Maybe Sebby decided to let Ciel live so that he can have more fun? I’m sad that Lau is no longer around tho.

  12. yay im glad i wasn’t the only one who thought that pairing was hot XD
    i never finished the manga though i still want to know what was up with muraki something in his childhood beside the brother incident? I never understood the dolls either;

    My favorite pairing was tatsumi x Tsuzuki it was really sweet! i’m somewhat reminded of tamaki and kyoya when i think of this paring…

    I never seen bronze but i’ve heard alot about it. I don’t know if i should give manga a try…

    yes! He does sound yakuza, that’s what i was thinking when i first heard his voice!XD

    1. I didn’t finish reading the manga either… but I read about how obsessed Muraki was about his brother. Something must have happened XP His interest in dolls was due to his mum, right? If I remembered correctly, read about it on someone’s site.

      Yeah, Tasumi x Tsuzuki does mirror Kyouya x Tamaki XD which is my fav pairing in Ouran.

      Bronze’s art takes a while to get used to. I remember the story was very emo and angsty. I really loved it at first. I read bits and pieces of the unlicensed manga cos it wasn’t readily available online like it is now. I ended up buying the Japanese manga but couldn’t read most of the it *dead* It was another classic at that time and it serialised for the longest time but it kinda lost me along the way due to the convoluted plot. So I never completed it *_* Btw, read Zetsuai first, since Bronze is the sequel.

      Iason’s new seiyuu sounded less Yakuza in the later volumes of the new drama cd ^^;;; so I’m hopeful.

  13. O~ potemayo… I’ve not seen it before ^^ Did a wiki search and it does look rather cute.

    I think that Muraki pairing is pretty hot too XD

    I feel that Bronze is better as manga and the OST was very good too. The anime was so-so tho’.

    Oh my, you’ve gotta watch Mirage of Blaze in the original voices! The dubbed version is very good but the original version is even better.

    Yeah… I found myself moved to tears at the Ai no Kusabi ending… but I guess it couldn’t end any other way. The OVA is slated for release probably Oct/Nov. I’m not very sure. The art sure looks yummy ^^ and I agree… compared to Shiozawa Kaneto’s Iason, I seriously went (@_@) when I first heard the new seiyuu. He made Iason sound like Yakuza :(

  14. *searched

    omfg when i read about a seiyuu dieing i didnt think it was the same seiyuu that i really liked! He played Dr ashino from Earthian!TT___TT i remember looking up his name a year back because i feel for the voice upon first hearing it. I loved his werid accent. I didn’t know he played Iasons voice too. Its been long while sense ive seen it i don’t really remember i do know i couldn’t see it in peace. i only remember the end…left me sad feeling. =_=;

    Sigh ;-;

    btw when is ova coming? Its killing me TAT previews are so pertty~
    I do know i dont like the new seiyuu.

  15. lol my bad. i meant potemayo.

    i saw, i was even more shocked becasue i love all those characters too!;v; (muraki! omg i miss this character! I’m weird i ended up liking the paring of him an his brother ‘///’;;)
    bronze…ive never seen it. IS it good?
    gah makes me want to watch mirage of blaze again. Now that i think of it i only saw it in dubb! Must watch it with his voice sometiime!*____________*(XD)
    Gotta love the charisma~


  16. putomayo? XD

    Yeah it was getting on my nerves. The animation quality was good but seriously a waste of time. Then again… if they wanted to make a point about how horrible it is to repeat that part of our lives 15000 times, they definitely accomplished it.

    Gya… *_* that means having to buy all the CDs! Those money-suckers hehe! x_O Yeah hopefully it’ll be available somehow. Uhuhuhu~ Kishio’s Leo is a teacher huh! The character pic looks young and I thought he was also a student. Yusa’s Gemini is a trainee teacher (I think) I didn’t read his specs when I listened to it lol but he sounded more like an adult on the cd :P

    Ayanami’s seiyu Hayami Shou also voiced Muraki (Yami no Matsuei) and Koji Nanjo (Bronze) And he is also Naoe in Mirage of Blaze. (^///^) Hmm… I guess his age and experience lends him that charisma to carry off darker characters… *_* but I didn’t think so much about that… Let’s hope nothing bad happens *gasp* It was already such a huge loss that AnK Iason’s original seiyuu passed away.

  17. yea i can see the similarities to lucky star. i never could get into that anime either for some reason, i did enjoy very much putomayo(?) though.^^

    yes!! X_X i dont know whos idea it was to make so many episodes with the same story line/scenes. i would watch before work while i was getting ready so i hardly ever had to look back at the screen until the end part too.XD

    Aw but i heard the one character with mamo-chan is only available to people who send in stamp/coupons;;(?) to the company, they will receive it. Not sold in stores.TT_TT hopefully someone will upload it.;;
    Wah i still haven’t listened to gemini, but i love his megane character!
    I cant wait for daisukes~!!! (TTvTT)/
    Its going to be interesting because he isn’t a student but a teacher! It fits leo great~♥

    Squeee~ ayanami is making more appearances. I looked up his seiyuu today becasue the voice sound familiar an i was shock to find he did aizens voice from bleach! its no wonder it sounded familiar….so..neat i really like how he fits the darker character roles. Just sad he is in his way 50’s…what if something happened;;;;

    1. Hmm… I think the art class anime is trying to be Lucky Star lol~ Not a must-watch ^^ I got myself one episode of Bake… haven’t got round to it yet. Anyway, I’m so glad the time-loop thing was finally over for Haruhi 2. =_=;;; I ended up skipping right to the end of each episode to see what the ending was. If it was the same, I would drop that episode.

      Woo~ Mamo-chan is the hidden 13th star sign! That’s pretty cool XD Looking forward to it!

      So far I only listened to 2 on the series. First was Capricorn which I didn’t enjoy very much. It sounded quite unnatural to me. Somehow I don’t feel it XP
      But Gemini woo~ It was really moe for me (^///^) I found myself giggling at Yusa Kouji ‘s rabu-rabu talk in the cd. So embarrassing *_* but I loved it keke. Oh~ and the character’s megane design probably added to it too ^^;;; If Sakurai Takahiro also did something for honeybee I’ll be really happy… like counting sheep and stuff. That’s like on my major wishlist…

      You must be eagerly waiting for Kishio Daisuke’s Leo, aren’t you? XD

  18. yea my work schedule has been going up and down on hours.=_=

    Ghost 07 has been great there really should be a game for this anime. I really love the ost i hope it is released soon! i can’t wait for more ayanami appearance!
    i need to catch up on hetalia i miss the pastas~;o;

    The only other series i am watching is bakemonotagari, Guin Saga and tokyo magnitude.
    (I’m still waiting for some hope of another release for saint seiya lost canvas…. )

    the new setsubou sensi its really good. i never thought i would go back to watching this anime.XD
    Episoide three i can relate too.

    Wah i’m sure you might love hiiro no kakera if you played it. ♥

    I still havnt played lucky dog. I remember seeing it up on arrinfantasy but i dont know how to join split files, not going to bother;…i wish these games were available over here. the only two i know of are enzai an absolute obedience.

    1. Ah~ You can download the joining software here: ^^ I’ll watch out for Hiiro no Kakera PS2 sale XD

      I gave a new summer (?) anime about art classes a try. GA – Geijutsuka Art Design Class. Not a must-watch, but it was cute and the art related content was interesting. I thought of catching Bake Monogatari too.

  19. Pony~ how have you been?^^

    i loved the latest epi! Teito blush was to much! XD;

    Yea i think the screen time all went to mikage but thats neat because in the manga he hardly got any so i bet fans were really happy.i knew that had to be the case because poor teito had those chains on forever, as the more episode went by i thought they would never take them off him.;

    I never got the chance to ask but do you play otome games too? I’m not sure if your familair with yones other work but there going to make a anime of Haduoki!(?)

    Excited~ maybe a hiiro no kakera anime will come someday. I cant wait to see his style in anime. (he should so do artwork for some yaoi games)

    1. Hey hey! Still rather busy with work *_* You?
      Nowadays, I look forward to every new episode of 07-Ghost (and Hetalia) since I only have time for them now. (T_T)
      I don’t play otome games but I’m tempted to pick them up cos of Yone’s artwork. I think Hiiro no Kakera might get an anime in the future too? Since it is popular enough to sell figures with :D Haduoki probably got chosen cos it is based on the Bakumatsu historical era… I think that’s a popular setting for an anime. I’ll love to see what happens ^^ And it’ll be wow~ if he did Yaoi games XD

  20. **spoilers***************

    ah i read the manga an according to it the collar was put on while teito was fighting (evil)mikage. So yes in the end ayanami did put the collar on him but didn’t get a chance to activated it with a blood pact. So after the battle when frau touch the collar an got bitten the pact was therefore sealed. XD;; poor frau;;

    I really love the manga there is alot of differences from the anime both good an bad. Like all the scenes in the anime with mikage aren’t in the manga.; plus a big bonus ayanami isn’t all cold in the manga like he is in the anime. Kya i really love this evil character now~XD

    manga has so many mysteries (an bl slashes)! ♥

    1. Ooo~ thanks for that! XD What a cute “cursed” item lol~ I don’t think Frau really minds hehe And wah… the last episode was so sweet huh… Teito blushed! Icic… I think Ayanami didn’t get enough screen time in the anime for us to know/like him better. They were all given to Mikage?

  21. lol yea…i somehow feel they just used mikage for the climatic plot are something. If he wasn’t a animal i think id’ kinda like frau x mikage too; don’t ask i just thought that one part were he bite him an called him jealous was cute/priceless. XD

    I can see your point about him not wanting to be reborn as human it take years before he reaches teitos age, an even then teito would be old man.XD

    I don’t understand the whole collar thing either! i thought i was the only one…i had thought that one bad guy ayanami(?) did the blood pact an not frau; but when the coller bite back in that epi maybe it made a new pact are soemthing…confusing. id have to rewatch epi 1 to understand.

    Wah yea poor teito but i see it like this Frau x teito~XD;

    1. Hehehe… if we go by the way of BL food chain, Frau is definitely at the top of the list XD and Teito is like… uke to everybody lol~

      I think Frau x Mikage would be cute too. Frau would be a lovable seme. He searched frantically for Mikage’s soul! Such a sweetie ^^ And he can share his p0rny mags with mikage lol~ Ah~ They’re all very likeable pairings. I think the Mikage (animal) will always come into the picture to “save” Teito if Frau tries to be funny with him. XD

      Hmm… enlighten me when you find out about the collar cos I thought Ayanami was the one who put it on Teito to restrain him XP

  22. ~~~Caution spoilers!~~~~~(just in case)

    I did!
    It was really great epi! made my eyes water too…poor mikage…;_; an for some reason it felt like the anime was gong fast in this epi are maybe its just me. Also the bad guy is growing on me. Must be the hat;; Why mikage look so pertty evil too.OTL(i like how the animators drew his eyes)

    Anyways….I want to draw that cute pink thing! *hearts*
    I wonder why a animal? So he can be closer to teito? So cute!TTATT

    1. ***Spoiler alert***

      ( T_T) yeah it was good huh… I think the anime will pick up pace after this. They’re revealing a lot more about the mystery which is good but gaaa~ made me feel that the author made the plot this way so that she doesn’t have to do actual BL for Mikage x Teito ^^;;; SUKIDAAA~ then nothing. Sigh…

      Maybe since humans take too long to grow up, he chose to be an animal so that he can be with Teito sooner? Cute but… but… SIGH…

      I didn’t really understand about the collar on Teito’s neck. Not sure if the translation flew over my head or what… when did the contract happen (during the battle right?) but what was that about??? ^^;;; When Teito heard that now he has to stick to Frau at least once every 48 hours, his reaction was so hilarious XD

  23. Last check… 160 episodes of Gintama lol~ and I agree, it is not skippable XD

    Did you watch the latest 07-Ghost (ep 8)? It made me cry… ( T-T)

  24. @_@ My god its even longer than reborn….unlike with reborn an its skipable fillers gintama you cant aford to skip a single epi becasue the anime is so random!XD

  25. omg i think reborn is on 130’s from what i remember.
    yea gintama i really liked that series too i forgot were i left off though.;;
    I liked sadistic Okita lol!XD

    I have yet to. Ive only seen the cgs. I remember downloading the game last year, but when i went to play it it didnt work for me.TT_TT

    I might try again to download it maybe it might work this time around.

    1. O~ 130 episodes approx 54 hours… *_* and I just recently saw that Gintama is 150 episodes already. *dead* I need a long vacation to keep up with that lol~

      Yeah Tamayura is probably worth a try again ^^ good reviews and all… good luck keke

  26. I want to start watching KKM but i dont know…;_;

    You heard of the series Hitman Reborn? Omg i went back to watching that an i ended up having a marathon of my own watching it on my day off! *hides*
    I stopped watching it because like KKM it lost my interest but when i went back an skipped some of the filler episodes wah~ the story actually gets really good! The characters grow on you too! Like Hibari(x tsuna!) and spanner(coughxTsunacough)XD

    I really like the mangaka of KKM i have one of her mangas but i have not a clue what its about except for the yaoiness lol

    Have you played the bl game with honami yukines artwork in it yet? I think its called “Tamayura”.

    1. KKM is not a must watch la~ don’t fret about it. XD KKM is not yaoi hehehe just pure fan-service for BL fangirls kekeke

      Hahaha… I only watched till the 2nd episode of Reborn… SIGH~ I wanted to pick it up again the 2nd time I got to it and then more work comes along… How many episodes is it now? Another one I really wanna continue watching where I left off was Gintama.

      Tamayura has very good reviews. I installed it in my old laptop and then the hard disk died very shortly after lol~ I was very impressed with the opening and music. The CGs were very beautiful too! If you don’t mind tentacles, that is hehe. One of the lead voices was Miyata Kouki if I remember correctly. Sadly, I didn’t have the time to complete the game. It’s definitely in my to-play list. Did you finish playing it?

  27. lol eh they reused a fountain from another anime!? XD
    I never got far into KKM just like up to epi4 OTL;;

    that was my first too, i was very inspired by her artwork. I order the clan of Nakagami vol one and two ^v^ Ive read all of her other works except these. I have a few yaoi manga artist that i like alot, Mieko Koide/kamei yogoruta/Yamato Nase/dr ten/Honami Yukine are some. Have you read any of there works? What are some of your favorite yaoi mangakas?

    1. Yeah I’m quite sure but I must go screencap the fountain and verify XD… but I deleted my KKM fansubs after I bought the season 1 DVDs =_= so not that convenient ^^;;; I only finished season 1 tho’. The story got better as it progressed. Planned to complete it after they compiled season 2 and 3 into a box set.

      That’s lovely~ Mmm, I also like Yamato Nase and Honami Yukine too ^^ Other mangaka I like include: Yamada Yugi, Fumi Yoshinaga, Fusanosuke Inariya, Hidaka Shouko, Kano Miyamoto, Naono Bohra, Nitta Youka, etc ^^ but I don’t follow them very closely. Sigh~ there is so little time to splurge on these interests.

  28. yea i never liked durer either hes probably my most hated character in bl games.

    The Animation is getting worser? It looks the same to me. XD

    i think the only way id get my hands on that manga is to order it online. I recently ordered homerun kens manga. I love her works have you read anything by this mangaka? I recommend~

    1. The anime was kinda uneven but still quite good I guess. And I could’ve sworn they reused that fountain from Kyou Kara Maou lol~ XD

      I don’t follow manga very closely nowadays but I have a good impression of Homerun Ken’s manga. I think my first was Boku wa Kimi no Tori ni Naritai I thought it was very cute! What titles did you order?

  29. I need to give it a read when i hit the bookstore sometime. That manga is very hard to find over here!

    I loved the recent epi~ I think i’m starting to like frau and teito now too XD;
    Gah that one bad dude with the military look…everytime i see him appear he reminds me of durer from enzai X_x;;

    1. “Gah that one bad dude with the military look…everytime i see him appear he reminds me of durer from enzai X_x;;”
      Gaa~ now that you mentioned it *_* YES HE DOES. I don’t like Durer. I quit Enzai game 1/3 way thru. Couldn’t take it.

      The story is getting more fun and interesting but pity the animation seems to be getting worse. I hope that is not the shape of things to come. Good luck with manga hunting XD

  30. If you wanna see more hot smexing Junjou manga is definitely a must lol~ Although the art doesn’t seem good at first but their faces are very expressive and somehow it just grows on you. The drama CDs are very nosebleeding hot and funny too.

  31. Me too!! I ended up spoiling myself when i ran into a picture with a description by accident…that made me alittle sad because it was about one of my favorite characters so far…OTL

    I usually always end up watching the anime first and depending on if i like it i go find the manga to read ^^

    So far in this anime i like mikage x Teito ‘w’

    1. Yeah, that’s why I try not to write spoilers. if I can help it ^^;;; Mikage x Teito is my fav too XD And the spoilers I encountered had a lot to do with them as well (T_T) For general anime, I usually watch it without reading the manga. BL is the other way round heh

  32. This anime is intersting so far I love the opening animation. ^^

    *squeee~ I loved the bed scene too* *Hides*XD

    1. Me too! I think the opening animation was cool. I like the ending song too… the violin is very beautiful ^^ And Mikage is voiced by Italia’s seiyuu XD cuteee!

      I’ve not read the manga and I think I’m probably going to enjoy the anime more cos of that. I’ve read complaints by fans about it and accidentally spoiled some parts of the story for myself sigh~ (T_T)

  33. Totally right! I was really impressed. And hurhur… don’t you think the BL potential is so friggin rich in Ghost???? I can’t help squealing when the two was sharing a bed on the night of their graduation and the holding hands while prison-breaking. OMG. Fujoushi moment. *swoons*

    1. My favourite scene between Mikage and Teito in the first few episodes is when Teito revealed that he also regarded Mikage as his best friend and then Mikage had this totally cute expression with the big drops of tears in his eyes hehehe… What a cute guy! *squeezes him* ^^ And of course after that the two went on to swear their -eternal devotion- to each other on the battlefield and if they were to die, they are to die together lol~ … oh yeah and then there’s the “bed scene” XD

  34. Thanks for your comments Carmilla! ^^ Fortunately the CG, tho’ obvious was relatively well-integrated with the 2D, not to the extend of an entire cut scene that disrupts viewing and flow of the story. Texturing done for the mecha models have improved too. Hmm… on second thoughts, maybe I was too nit-picky XD

  35. Looking at the image you posted, it looks pretty. And the religious regalia has a touch of Trinity Blood to it too lol. I agree with you abotu the CG aspect (bringing up Trinity Blood again) sometimes it really seems like a whole new cut scene inserted into the anime when they show a vehicle pulling out of a base. I hope they get better at it as it gets used more i suppose. thanks for your review of it XD

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