Advent Calendar Countdown to 12 days of LalaParadise Christmas Giveaway 2013

I bought a Mr Men and Little Miss advent calendar for myself this year and…

after opening the daily surprise for the 2nd day, the idea for a LalaParadise Christmas Giveaway 2013 popped up! :D

I haven’t figured out exactly what I’m going to give away yet but I’m going to give 12 different items away for sure. They would most probably be small goods. I’m thinking of giving daily hints in this post from the 13th of December onwards as to which anime/manga/game each gift is from. Eg. 13 December – hint about gift 1, 14 December – hint about gift 2 and so on. If you want to get the gift, you can indicate the number from 1-12 in your comments in this post. If there are more than 1 person who chose the same number, I’ll pick the winner via lucky draw.

But as disclaimer, the format of the giveaway may change if I figure out a better or more engaging way to do this :P (And the fact that I’m still busy with work, so in case I can’t find the time to make it more fun, I might just make it a simple choose a number and win kind of lucky draw =_=;;)

Super cute Mr Men and Little Miss advent calendar front and back. I don’t think I’ve used an advent calendar ever since I was a kid…

Woo~ 24 milk chocolate figures :D~

Not expecting much in the nutritional value tho… XD

Located Day 1 near Little Miss Giggles! (The names of the characters are in German btw)

I used a pen knife to cut open the door ^^;; Erm, or I’ll most probably rip everything up.

The chocolate was stuck so I had to pry it out. Ah~ so Day 1 is a lighted candle! Reveals Mr Bump.

Day 2 is located near Mr Bump!

After I opened it Day 2, I can’t help but notice the phallic looking aeroplane chocolate lolol
Oh~ Little Miss Sunshine XD

Anyway, I’ll update this post again soon with regards to the giveaway and stuff, so watch this space! :D

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16 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Countdown to 12 days of LalaParadise Christmas Giveaway 2013”

  1. Oh wow chocolate calendars takes me back XD even though I haven’t had one for years they were things that were always bought for me and my sisters by family. The chocolate was usually not that great but when you’re a kid you don’t care it’s chocolate even though my sisters usually ate mine anyway =A=. I always remember we got the longer ones that lasted till new years lol. Good to see they’re still around but I’m too cheap to buy one for myself XD; even though there’s specialist chocolate brand calendars now.

    1. @13: Aww… your sis stole your chocolates! I can’t remember if I shared mine with my brother :P it’s been too long ago. Ah~ the chocolates can cost a lot indeed! The ones I got were quite affordable. It’s more for the fun factor. I haven’t seen the branded chocolate advent calendars tho :O

  2. So cute!
    I had a advent calendar only once. A Europen friend of my father brought me a big chocolate box with a lot of little chute windows…
    I was 9, never heard of this (In Brazil we dont’have this) and just oppened all the windows and ate all the chocolate.

    1. @Senkai: There are a variety of designs from traditional ones like Santa and Christmas tree to the one I have. Even Hello Kitty! Lol~ I meant to buy them for my niece and nephew and ended up getting one for myself ^^;;
      Hehe you’re so cute too! I can’t remember exactly but I think I did try hard to only open one window a day :D :D

  3. Aw so cute!! You know it’s funny you bring up advent calendars as I’ve just found out what they were like a week ago.XD Your so lucky to have had the chance to use these alot when you were a kid. I want to buy one someday so I can experiance it too. Bet the German chocolates taste yummy~<3

    1. @dandycorset: The chocolates were not bad! Well, I only had one and it was given by my aunt XD But I have an impression that the little surprises in the old calendar I had were more awesome than the one I bought this time XD But maybe cos I was a kid and everything seemed more amazing then :P

    2. “But maybe cos I was a kid and everything seemed more amazing then :P”

      lol isn’t it always that way?XD

  4. Awww so cute! I’ve had an advent calendar since I was three or somethign like that. It’s a big tradition in Germany, hence I’m not surprised that yours is in German, too.

    1. @Sug: I see! :D I was just out shopping the other day and the calendar caught my eye, felt so nostalgic hehe… I bought them for my niece and nephew and ended up getting one for myself too :P

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