About those DVD extras…

Anime: Zetsubou-sensei BL fan service

This is just too funny XD We can’t even find the DVD in the pic if we’re not given hints LOL~

Taken from Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 【俗・】さよなら絶望先生 (Season Two of the anime series Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei さよなら 絶望先生) based on manga by Kumeta Koji 久米田康治

How did this come about?
The sensei, Itoshiki Nozomu was being critical about “over-embellishments” that occur frequently in everyday life, such as displaying a lot of dolls for the Doll Festival on one altar (do you call that an altar?), hanging too many phone accessories on your phone, using screen tones all over your manga, etc. But one of the main characters, a strangely positive girl Fuura Kafuka refuted him and cited this “phenomenon” as a feat that could only be accomplished by masters of chic, such as Emile Galle, Gaudi, Kabuki style, etc.

Some of the examples listed as “masters of chic” were: wearing a checked-print shirt together with a checked-print tie. overloading one’s plate with toppings, adding too many items to your customisable avatar, etc.

Among those… the DVD extras XD

Are you a sucker like me for R2 limited edition DVDs too? Masters of Chic lol~

Anyway, this anime stars Kamiya Hiroshi 神谷浩史 <3 as the lead character (Itoshiki Nozomu 糸色 望) ^^

A very enjoyable and intelligent comedy series that’ll have you laughing out loud.

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2 thoughts on “About those DVD extras…”

  1. lol~ I loved the first season! Hilarious XD I find myself having to pause and replay the scenes often just to read the tiny little texts written all over the place like the chalkboard, notice boards and see what they are about. They scroll by and change too fast o_O” I believe there are lots more hidden meanings that were lost on an international audience. Would be great if we understand all of it. Must be even funnier hehe. I’ve not finished watching the second one yet and although it is not as fresh and funny as the first, so far I think the topics mentioned were pretty cool still keke.

    YESH~ Kamiyan is SO GOOD! XD I like his performance for the opening song in season 2 too!

  2. Itoshiki-sensei is a God. Though his principles are hard sometimes hard to vigorously follow. XDLOL Kamiyan is win (and the main reason I started this series when it first aired =P Too bad the second season wasn’t as funny …. -sobsob-

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