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Goods: Togainu no Chi Chibi Again! xD

My 2nd set of Togainu no Chi Figures arrived! ^^ Just for the fun of it, I scanned the box. The box bottom is actually a collection of illustrations that you can cut out to use as bookmarks (about 10cm long) But I obviously won’t do that heh. Anyway, the sale is still on so grab ‘em while you can.

I may do the same for the Lamento box when I feel like it :P

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  1. Akiyama 秋山
    78 mos, 1 wk ago

    A-ha congrats.

    Just like Lamento Box.
    I actually cut those mini bookmarks.(from my lamento box)
    Can’t help it….

  2. ponytale
    78 mos ago

    Thanks! Hehehe :3 ooo~ the joy and excitement when I opened the door to the postman xD

    I can’t make myself cut the bookmarks tho’ and if I can have my way, I’ll probably be like Konata from Lucky Star anime. The otaku who buys 1 set to keep, 1 set to display and 1 set for backup. LOL~

  3. akiyama
    78 mos ago

    Let’s just say i have addictive problem on cutting bookmarks ~LOL

    yep, feels good right when mr. Postman said, ” I have a package for (say your name)”

    I feel excited whenever i open the package, then mostly follow by Ooh and Ahh (words of amazement)
    Currently i’m waiting a package of 2 CDs, it should be here by early March (wish time move faster)

  4. ponytale
    77 mos ago

    Hehehe… most of the time I’m not very bothered with details but when it comes to things like that, I can be anal-retentive… what if the line wasn’t cut properly, slanted or o.O aarrgghh…. there’s no undo button!!!

    I’m expecting some packages to arrive these two weeks… Fuyu no Semi!!! Yay~ I think I should be able to accumulate enough points to offset 1000 Yen from my next HMV Japan purchase ^_^ will update when I get my own copy of GOLDFINGER :D

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