Maria HolicMaria Holic まりあほりっく is a story about a second-year high school girl, Miyamae Kanako who transfers into an all-girls school where her parents met. However, she has a phobia of men and breaks out in rashes whenever she comes into contact with them. Contrary to her parents where it was a teacher-student relationship, she hopes to find her destined partner in one of the female students at school. She meets her seemingly ideal mate who turns out to be a sadistic, cross-dressing boy…

Quick Comments:
I’ve not laughed so hard since Ouran High School Host Club. This is definitely one series that I’ll be watching this season for pure, silly entertainment. I like the always over-reacting Kanako very much, especially the funny visualisations of her inner thoughts in her chibi form. Mariya’s expressionless, expletive-sprouting maid, Matsurika is like icing on the already delectable strawberry cheesecake… What the heck am I talking about… ^^;;; Demon Mariya was definitely enjoyable. Lol~

Update 2 Jan 2011: Season 2 will be broadcast and I think it’s great. I felt that Season 1 lost steam towards the end and I got tired of the repeated gags. However, I’m still quite interested to know what else is in store. Will keep a watch out for it :) View full article »

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