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Kamigami Omikuji

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The new BL annime will be released as 4 OVA episodes. With the first volume available from October 2014 and subsequent volumes released monthly till January 2015. All first-press volumes will feature illustrated slipcase, digipak, manga booklet, character fragrance cards (varies with each volume), metal-plate bookmark, art book, etc. Similar to the Junjo Romantica and Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi releases. If I’m not wrong, both first-press Blu-ray (6,500 Yen) and DVD (5,500 Yen) versions have the same items. View full article »

Can’t believe the last update I did for this game was in 2012 ^^;; Anyway before we knew it, Tokyo Onmyouji will be available in 9 days’ time! The official site didn’t release any H-voices, so I guess I can’t tell if the main uke character would be any good… I’m rather out-of-touch with the newer seiyuus voicing BL.

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