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Kinose Azusa’s birthday is 20 December! View full article »

With Levi’s figma (Price: 4,937 Yen w/tax) up on preorder, we can re-enact this famous scene from the manga/anime and various other ones with Eren figma in a June 2014 XD Preorders are sold out in most stores but I think a 2nd batch would be available soon.

Curious what it’ll be like to smex in a car without all the mess? ^^;; Experience bloodloss to the max with upcoming otome situation cd Daisuki na Kare to H Shite Udemakura de Pillow Talk Sarechau Series, loosely translated as Make love and engage in pillow talk with your boyfriend series. Presented in glorious dummy head mic hotness!

And who else but Hirakawa Daisuke aka “ear-rape-man” (quoted from one of my blog readers lol~) to start the ball rolling in this new 18+ series recommended for adult listeners. Hirarin is using his usual pseudonym when he voices 18+ works in the voice credit.

There are 3 volumes planned for the series but who knows… it might become popular ^^;; with CD catalog numbers listed as FXXX-0001, FXXX-0002 and FXXX-0003…

This is otome cd company Velvet Voice’s second series release and will be available on Christmas 2013. View full article »

Kagurazaka Shiki’s birthday is 5 December! View full article »