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Result! Congrats to Kaikoloren! I’ll send you an email to ask for your address soon!

Thanks everyone for taking part in this little giveaway and sharing your resolutions! They’re inspiring to read! Let’s check back again in a year’s time and see if we achieved them! Have a great one everybody!

Hi everyone! Thank you for being here at LalaParadise in 2013 <3 and spending your time with me! On the last day of 2013 (my timezone lol~) Share with me your new year resolutions in the comments and how you to plan to achieve them! I’ll be giving away this beautiful Omerta Calendar (オメルタカレンダー2013/12-2015/03 ) to one of you lucky winners  :D Remember to fill in all the fields (Name, Email, etc) so that I can contact you if you win. I didn’t have the time nor energy to get the 12 Days of Christmas giveaway off the ground orz;;; but good luck for this little new year’s eve giveaway!   View full article »

Get a room now you two… (^///^) View full article »

It’s been almost 2 years… View full article »

Kinose Azusa’s birthday is 20 December! View full article »