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After the anime is over, a flood of merchandise follows. View full article »

I’m really curious what they actually do in the cafe bar besides serving food and drinks in order to fuel their patrons’ fujoshi delusions lol~ View full article »

Starry Sky Series Episode 4, volume 2 of Aquarius. This episode was rather slow-paced. After last week’s chibi cuteness overload, I had higher expectations, so I was a little disappointed. Generally it is still enjoyable as a heartwarming insight into Tsubasa’s story. Too short tho. I also realised from reading general comments about this anime is that it is boring. It is a purely fan service outing with just 10 minutes of pretty animation each week, so if you’re new to Starry Sky, it’s understandable if you can’t really get into the story or characters. Just enjoy the eye-candy I guess :3

Anyway you can still watch this episode free at Animate TV for a limited period of time. Sign up for a free account there.


SPOILER SCREEN CAPS BELOW THE CUT. Wait for the English subs if you don’t want to be spoiled :) View full article »

Tomoe Yoh 土萌羊 Birthday wallpaper available for a limited period :3 View full article »