Here’s a tutorial on how to order items from Comi-Comi Studio as requested by some of you guys :)

You can use it with my Comi-Comi Registration Tutorial.

If you know what you want (or can’t read Japanese in general), I suggest using their search tool and enter the title of the item you want because it is faster and easier for you.

STEP 1: In this case, we’re looking for Tennenouji’s 18+ BL game, ラッキードッグ1 (Lucky Dog 1)

Step 1


STEP 2: If they have the product, the search results will show up.

Step 2


STEP 3: View the item detail page.

Step 3


STEP 4: After your click Add to Cart, the item will be added to a shopping cart summary on the left of the screen.

Step 4


STEP 5: This is the shopping cart detail screen.

Step 5


STEP 6: This is the checkout screen.

If you have not registered for an account yet, click here for Registration Tutorial.

There are 5 steps and end at the success page.

(The yellow duck)
Enter user info ~ Customer Info ~ Payment ~ Shipping/Delivery ~ Confirmation ~ Success

Step 6


STEP 7: Select Payment screen

Step 7


STEP 8: Select Shipping/Delivery Screen

Step 8


STEP 9: Confirmation Screen (FINAL STEP)

Step 9


If successful, you’ll see an Order SUCCESS screen. You can check your email for the confirmation notification.

Good luck and Happy shopping!

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