I’m really curious what they actually do in the cafe bar besides serving food and drinks in order to fuel their patrons’ fujoshi delusions lol~

Located at otaku paradise, Akibahara, Tokyo in Japan, Miracle JumP BL bar opened in mid 2010. It is probably the first ever boy’s love themed cafe bar to open in the world.

Update 15 July 2013: The shop has closed down. Last day of operation was 14 April 2013.

BL Bar Miracle JumP BLバーMiracle JumP (ミラクルジャンプ)
Address: 〒101-0021 東京都千代田区外神田3-2-11遠藤ビル3F
Official site: http://www.miraclejump.com/
Blog: http://ameblo.jp/miraclejump801/ (sneak peeks into the cafe with fanservice photos)
Opening hours: Tues (6pm-11pm), Fri (6pm – 5am), Sat (5pm – 5am), Sun (5pm – 11pm)

That’s the pic of the interior grabbed from the website. Looks like any generic cafe/bar. According to the official introduction: Miracle Jump is a BL (Boy’s love) themed, amusement bar. The shop has both 2D and 3D staff. The 2D staff is based on the characters in their original doujinshi (manga) and 3D staff is made up of guys who will do this… and that… in front of patrons to provide eye-opening delusion material for fujoshi and otomen (mental) filters.

Different from gay bars and host clubs, they are the fujoshi‘s paradise which places emphasis on the delusion aspect. Miracle Jump is a good place that provides a fun environment for fujoshi and patrons who want to know about the BL world. A bar where anyone can have a good time…

Besides running the cafe, they are also in the business of selling doujinshi manga and music CD based on the 2D characters.

Okay, so how does it work? Every table is limited to 90 minutes. This is standard practice for themed cafes like these. Most butler cafes also have a time-limit system too. However, there is also a base fee of 1,000 Yen for 90 minutes I think. -pause- LOLLOLLOL. What??? XD LOLLOL. It’s like blatantly charging for the “right” to peek at male waiters (who are cosplaying as seme/uke characters?) LOLLOL~

As for the 2D and 3D staff. I guess I understand that we need real people to serve patrons but the shop owners are also smart enough to know that sometimes 3D guys just don’t have what it takes to satisfy our fujoshi delusions. lol~ :D So in comes the 2D staff that fulfill all the seme-uke archetypes in the BL universe.

2D Staff. Complete with full character profiles like name, occupation, age, star-sign and so on. They didn’t indicate if they are seme/uke but looking at the height chart, we can more or less guess what type they are. And you will definitely be able to find your type. From the youngest guy at 15 to the oldest guy at 26 years old.

3D Staff. They probably only uploaded the cuter or more photogenic staff? Or maybe they just want to maintain some mystery. The 3D staff’s profile is clearly labeled with their seme/uke/otomen types. Kind of obvious too just from looking at their appearance and height stereotypes.

As for the food menu, the owners exercised their creativity in the names. No food pics to show us how good they are tho. Prices are quite reasonable. (But don’t forget to add the 1,000 Yen voyeur fee lol~)

Drinks Menu

  1. Raw BL Beer 生BL(なまビール) 600 Yen
  2. Best (?) Coupling Cocktail 王道カップリングカクテル 700 Yen
    Choice of seme liquor mixed with portion of uke liquor to give you the best coupling cocktail. Or something to that effect. 攻からお好みのリキュールを一つ受からお好みの割りものを選んで貴方だけのお好み王道カップリングをおつくりします。
  3. Overall uke stir 総受ステア 900 Yen
    This cocktail will receive everything that pleases you, no matter what type of selfish requests they are. Erm, so that means you can add any liquor to the cocktail mix? *scratch head* 貴方のお気に召すままどんなワガママでも受け入れるカクテルです!
  4. BL Shaker BLシェイカー 1,500 Yen
    2 of the staff will come over and shake the shaker together in front of the patron. スタッフ二名が貴方のお席に来ていちゃ×2しながら目の前でシェイカーを振ります
  5. Nonke Cocktail ノンケカクテル 800 Yen
    Non-alcoholic overall uke stir. Recommended for people who can’t take alcohol. ノンアルコールの総受けステアです。お酒が苦手な方にオススメv
  6. Staff Original Cocktail スタッフオリジナルカクテル 1,000 Yen
    2D Staff’s cocktail creations 二次元スタッフが自分たちで考えたカクテルです
  7. MiracleJumP Original Cocktail MiracleJumPオリジナルカクテル
    ・Yaoi Juice や○い汁 600 Yen
    ・Kichiku Seme! 鬼畜攻め! 700 Yen (Seme with a dark side)
    ・Sasoi Uke 誘い受け 700 Yen (Seductive uke)
    ・Otomen Filter ヲトメンフィルター 700 Yen
    ・Orange Usurpation オレンジ下剋上 (げこくじょう) 800 Yen (下剋上 is a situation where a seme of lower status or power is paired with an uke with higher status or power)
  8. Coupling Mini Shot カップリングチェキ  1,000 Yen (チェキ is small instant camera)
    Choose two staff and take coupling shot. お好きなスタッフ2名を選んでカップリングチェキが撮影できます
  9. Bottle ボトル 3,000 Yen
    Japanese alcohol or wine by the bottle that can be kept. 焼酎/ウィスキー等がキープできます。割ものセットは1,500円です。
  10. Fujoshi targeted wine with bromide. Wine(腐向けコール+プロマイド付)These are names/wine brands typically offered at bars and clubs if I’m not wrong.
    ・ラクリマクリスティ 5,000 Yen
    ・モエ・シャンドン 10,000 Yen
    ・ドンペリ・ニョン 55,801 Yen

Food menu

  1. Fudanshi sesame cold tofu 腐男子ゴマ冷奴  700 Yen
  2. 3 Cheeses チーズ三体盛り 800 Yen
  3. Yaoi Steak や○いスティック 700 Yen
  4. BL Salad BLサラダ 800 Yen
  5. Avocado, mushroom salad アボガドなめたけサラダ 900 Yen
  6. Our sausage (lol~) ぼくらのソーセージ 600 Yen
  7. Sea urchin and squid ink with potato balls ウニイカぶっかけおじゃがさん 500 Yen (おじゃがさん seems to be referring to a character created out of fried mashed potato balls)
  8. Shotacon ショタッコーン 500 Yen
  9. Tsundere Chazuke ツンデレ茶漬け 700 Yen (茶漬け is a boiled rice cooked with tea)
  10. Feel-good cake . Chocolate らくがケーキ・ショコラ 1,000 Yen
    Fudanshi staff will write on the cake with bittersweet chocolate sauce. ほろ苦いガトーショコラに当店の腐男子が目の前で落書きします
  11. Feel-good cake . Berry らくがケーキ・ベリー 1,000 Yen
    Fudanshi staff will write on the sweet-sour berry cake. 甘酸っぱいベリーケーキに当店の腐男子が目の前で落書きします

They really should post beautiful food photos like Swallowtail (quite a famous Butler cafe in Japan which charges a premium for their high class dessert menu) I’ll probably do a post on them sometime.

No harm trying just for the fun of it but to be honest, the guys they featured aren’t my type and I think I’m also not that deluded a fujoshi yet ^^;; So… Miracle JumP, anyone? lol~

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