Woo~ small knick-knacks and new stuff to try-out! XD

Hi lovelies! I made some updates to the blog recently, migrating it from free wordpress.com site to my own host. ^^

For the past few days, you’ve probably experienced some errors here and there as I went kinda crazy but happy, playing with and trying out the awesome plugins that self-hosted wordpress has to offer. I’m really sorry about the down-times and broken-links if you encountered them :3 Please bear with me while I sort them out!

Anyway, a really nice thing about some of these plugins is that they helped me rediscover old posts that I’ve long forgotten about! OTL If you haven’t seen those posts, I hope you’ll enjoy reading them too!

I’ll get back to writing more drama reviews as soon as I can. See ya around and have an awesome week!

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