March 17, 2010

Goods: The first anatomically correct, 18+ male figurine (Sweet Pool)

ponytale  @ 3:30 pm

This info is not new but I only found out about it today. Sakiyama Youji 崎山蓉司 from Nitro+Chiral's 18+ boy's love game Sweet Pool will probably go down in figurine history as the first officially licensed, anatomically-correct, half-naked, 18+ male figure to be produced for mass consumption.

And we can expect more to come, since the maker, MEGALOMANICUS (megalomanicus.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/ or omwha.wordpress.com/) will probably continue to license BL male characters from Nitro+Chiral. Akiyama, we did live to see the day… of naked male figures (although a garage kit) and it came so much earlier than expected ^^;;;

The appeal of the finalised pose is… well… oh well… erm… *cough* debatable. It is based on one of the unused drafts in the Nitro Chiral sweet pool official works artbook.

[IMAGE:Youji PVC]I can't imagine displaying this figure if I get it. x_x The base stained with Youji's discharge is just impossible to explain to the casual viewer. Probably have to buy him a toilet and put him on it LOL. Nice ass btw… ^^

There are lots more photos of the prototype at the maker's website. You can pop by and take a look. Youji's dangly bits will be clearly seen in the figure but they are censored by mosaic for now tho lol~

But it sure captures one of the main elements of the game. *mega sweat drop* … but now sweet pool feels like sweet poo… x_x;;; Maybe we're too used to seeing beautiful things. However, I think Youji's pretty face is very well-sculpted ^^ Can't comment on the other details since we can't see it.

Hmm… I wonder if he would be stopped by customs when he is finally released. *_*

Anyway, this figure will be available during Wonderfest (Summer 2010) around July 2010.


According to the blog, it seems that he is a resin PVC (garage kit) that requires self assembly/painting. I prefer completed figures tho… o_O painting it would be a real challenge for newbies, isn't it? We'll have to wait and see.

The maker will be taking orders from their website during the WF event. WF website (www.kaiyodo.co.jp/wf/) will probably also be open for ordering.

Title: 崎山蓉司'at sweet pool official works
: 5,000 Yen (to be finalised)

Want to own a piece of male figure history? Watch out for updates :)

Update: 2010 June

Unfortunately, we won't be getting the opportunity to own such a unique garage kit/figure of Youji so soon. The makers recently updated their website and said that they accidentally damaged the original prototype when trying to make modifications to it. It cannot be used for reproduction anymore (T_T) I'm really disappointed and saddened by the news! :( I hope they don't give up making the figure for future release!

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