Kurokocchi and Kagamicchi bedsheets!!! More lulz follows XD 

Title: Kuroko no Basuke Goodnight Bedsheet Kuroko Tetsuya 黒子のバスケ おやすみシーツ 黒子テツヤ
Title: Kuroko no Basuke Goodnight Bedsheet Kagami Taiga 黒子のバスケ おやすみシーツ 火神大我
Price: 9,450 Yen (w/tax) each
Available: 14 December 2012
Description: Special new illustrations created for this purpose!
Size: 2400 mm Height x 1500 mm width x thickness 0.2 mm
Material: Polyester, full colour print.

If you haven’t watched this anime or read the manga then do it soon! XD It’s probably one of the hottest series right now. The story is still ongoing and Season 1 of the anime has ended last month. It’s another one of those sports anime that is very popular among fujoshi due to the multiple pairings available :D And when they release goods like these, you know you’re looking at a highly BL slashable (or even canon) story with lots of bishies. There are also official BL-fan service in the anime too.

And as usual, these sheets are designed to fuel the fujoshi delusion.

Behold Kuroko’s shadow skill applied onto Kagami’s crotch LOL

I wonder if they’ll release the rest of the boys? From these 2 I think they’re saying that Kuroko and Kagami are the most popular coupling  although Kuroko can be paired with almost all the other boys.

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