Yep, you can do stuff to this cute butler of yours… for free! *pokes*

Title: Touch★My Shitsuji Free version タッチ★マイ執事 無料版
Price: Free
Download URL:

Title: Touch★My Shitsuji タッチ★マイ執事
Price: 1,200 Yen (w/tax),Launch special 900 Yen (w/tax)
Download URL:
Both available: 30 August 2011

Follow instructions here to create FREE Japan itunes account without a credit card:

Category: Entertainment エンターテイメント
Genre: Touchable, talking, your very own butler app さわって、しゃべる、あなただけの執事アプリ
OS: iPhone/iPod touch/iPad
How to use: Download Japan App Store
Official site:

Feature: Your personal butler within your iPhone, someone you can order to heal, chat with, teach and even scold you. You can also touch him and have fun communicating with him. There are over 300 types of scenarios (in the paid version) with full-voice performed by seiyuu, Kaji Yuki 梶裕貴 (Seiyuu for Shion in No.6) Free version features part of the scenarios.

This app is developed by a Korean mobile games developer, GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. the app is adapted for the Japanese market by NEO-CYON,INC. I was poking around Japan itunes app store after discovering the free Hakuoki app and lo and behold! Another awesome FREE app that was launched recently! We fangirls are finally getting the attention we deserve (for our spending power on 2D guys OTL;;;)

As usual, this app is only for Japan itunes app store, so you need to go create a free Japan account before you can download and install it. Please google for detailed instructions if you have to ^^

After installing the app, this is the opening screen you’ll see. If this is the first time you started the app, you’ll be introduced to your butler formally. Full-voiced! :D

Your butler’s name is Yanagi 柳 which means willow.

After that you can leave the app open as a clock or click on the bell to summon Yanagi.

Here’s where you can do stuff to your butler. Tap on the menu below to open the options for your orders. To be healed, scolded, talked to or taught. You can ignore the orders and touch him too… Touching can be tap, fast tap, slide (stroke), fast strokes, etc.

If you select the 2nd option, “Scold”, you’ll keep doing things to make him scold you, he gets upset and shows a mild kichiku look. Yes, fully-voiced!

Select the 4th option, “Teach”, and he’ll put on his megane glasses and tell you some interesting information like the meaning of flowers, etc.

The other two options don’t do much so I skipped introducing them. Let’s go into doing what we wanted to do when we installed this app. Mo..les… I mean TOUCH the butler. Touching him at different places gets all sorts of reactions and responses from him. Full-voiced!

Doing this is like having your Kaji Yuki aegi-koe ero-ero voice app on the go! *touch touch touch stroke stroke stroke* XDD

*touch touch touch stroke stroke stroke* XDD He’ll respond positively if he feels good.

But if you thrust tap FAST and HARD, he’ll feel pain and tell you XD

That’s like a “I’m coming!!!” face :D~

But if you touch him too much, he’ll get upset and give you a scolding about how a lady shouldn’t be doing such things… LOL~

More scolding to make any do-M (masochist) user happy :D

HOWEVER! If you TOUCH him RIGHT, you get special events!

Example special event. Its pretty random though. There’s no SAVE option… hmm..

Another example event where he barely hides his affection for you :) Oooo~

Sweet heart. Kaji Yuki fans will love this.

After trying out this free app, I really want to buy the full version (;_;) to get to all the features available where you can get special features like to be loved and illustrations for special occasions such as Cat’s Day, Tanabata, Valentine’s Day, your birthday etc.

This is even more entertaining than the free Hakuouki app so far thanks to the full voice and touch functions haha. :D Instant gratification! You don’t even need to increase intimacy level with him like the guys in the Hakuouki app lol~. Your butler, Yanagi is here for you, his hime-sama right from the beginning. Regrettably, it is unlikely there are plans to make Hadaka Shitsuji scenarios of him since this is an iPhone app ^^;;

The touch responses are really awesome and illustrations are lovely. I’m not sure who the illustrator is. Can you recognise it?

Anyway this app is definitely a must for Kaji Yuki fans :D And it’s FREE too!

Update: Special events link Halloween and Christmas :D But there’s no voice tho :(

Halloween 2011

Christmas 2011

Happy New Year 2012

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