Raining? Sleep in with Tachibana Shinnosuke in this new series of dummy head mic goodness.

Title: Amemakura Series Vol. 1 Subaru 雨枕 01.昴
Price: 1,800 Yen (w/o tax)
Available: 14 December 2011
Tachibana Shinnosuke 立花 慎之介
Cover Illustrator:
First press edition: Bonus track
Total length of CD: about 60 minutes

Created by Hituzigumo, ひつじぐも the company who produced the series of hypnosis sleep aid cds Kanno Jikan 感応時間, that had seiyuus, Hiyama Nobuyuki, Morikawa Toshiyuki, Toriumi Kousuke, Midorikawa Hikaru and Yusa Kouji taking turns to ravish our ears with the dummy head microphone.

There are a total of 6 CDs in this series, with confirmed casts: Tachibana Shinnosuke, Taniyama Kishou and Shimono Hiro.

Concept: Recorded using the dummy head microphone and equipped with 3D sound system. Your boyfriend, Subaru Warren will guide you to dreamland with his breathy sighs and whispers while both of you sleep in during a rainy evening.

Description: An evening with drizzling rain.

You and your boyfriend, Subaru Warren 昴 ウォーレン are seated on the bed, drinking herb tea.

It is his birthday today.
The two of you had an enjoyable time together having dinner while the streets are illuminated by winter lights.

It was a blissful day.
You gradually feel the pleasant lethargy spreading in your body.

The aroma of the herb relaxes your body. His voice is gentle like a lullaby as it begins to guide you towards dreamland.

You are reminded of the warm moments.
Within his arms, listening to his voice… the warmth spreads throughout your body.

Fragrance from the aroma oil gradually fills the room, the pillow talk is sweet like a lamb.

Tonight you will also sleep in happiness within his arms…

Character setting: Pushy and blunt.

All mighty son of a noble family (^^;; direct translation. I guess its oresama type)

Born and raised in the New York State of California.

His father is the head of a conglomerate in America. His Japanese mother is from Yokohama, Japan. Ever since he was a child, Subaru has a yearning for Japan.

Tired of his over-protective father, Subaru travelled to Japan and transferred into Amemi Gakuen.

Basically, he is somebody who has exceptional abilities. (If I’m not wrong)

He is a confident person who thinks there’s nothing he cannot have. Because of this, he comes across as rather blunt and forceful. When it comes to love, he is straight and often crosses the limit. He is very daring.

Height: 178 cm
Blood Type: A
Birthday: 24 December
Favourite food: Feast
Class: 2-A student

Gaaa… I’m rather distracted by these otome CDs these days ^^;;

Following the footsteps after the popular BlackButterfly Shukan Soine sleeping boyfriend series,  this is a new series using dummy head mic! Listen to the sample voice clip at the official site and be prepared to nosebleed all over when you listen to the whole CD. Looking forward to it! :D

Hituzigumo’s official
Link: http://hituzigumo.com/amemakura/

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