If you happen to own a PSP (which I don’t… T~T), you might be interested to know that there -ARE- BL games on this game platform… however scarce they are…

Hanakisou is a shounen-ai title. Like Cherry blossom~チェリーブロッサム, there aren’t issues with porting over to the PSP platform. If you’re looking for 18+ R-rated stuff that you can find on PC games ;) Even if they were originally R-rated/M-rated, the scenes with questionable pixelated bits would have been removed, as in Gakuen Heaven 学園ヘヴン BOY’S LOVE SCRAMBLE!

Hanakisou had very good reviews when it was first released as a PC game.

No luck for Nintendo DS players, cos there are no BL games for it yet.

1) Hana ki sou 花帰葬
Publisher: Prototype プロトタイプ (PSP) / HaccaWorks (PC)
Available: 12 August 2010 Delayed till mid September 2010
Price: 4,830 Yen Pw/tax)
Ages: 12+
Prototype official game site

This game was first released in 2003/2004 as a PC doujin game if I’m not wrong. Followed by a PS2 port in 2006. Fantasy theme. Shounen-ai. I think if you like Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru 裏切りは僕の名前を知っている character designs by Odagiri Hotaru 小田切ほたる you’ll probably love the visuals of Hana Ki Sou too.

Voice casts include: Miki Shinichirou, Mitsuki Saiga, Itou Kentarou, Ishida Akira, etc.

Cast List

玄冬 Kuroto – 三木眞一郎 Miki Shinichirou
花白 Hanashiro – 斎賀みつき Mitsuki Saiga
銀朱 Ginshiyu – 伊藤健太郎 Itou Kentarou
白梟 Shirofukurou – 篠原恵美 Ogata Megumi
黒鷹 Kurotaka – 井上和彦 Inoue Kazuhiko

時雨 Shigure – 関俊彦 Seki Toshihiko
彩紅 Ayabeni – 増田ゆき Matsuda Yuki
灰名 Kaina – 石田彰 Ishida Akira
十季 Toki – 鈴村健一 Suzumura Kenichi

I’m quite tempted to buy Hana Ki Sou… now that the PSP version will be available, even though I don’t have time to play any games nowadays (nor own the console lol). It includes all the PC versions (original PC game + the fan disks if I’m not wrong). I’ve also heard great things about the story and characters.

Chery blossom~チェリーブロッサム

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