Lucky Dog 1 fan disc will be released soon!

Title: Gian・carlo’S LUCKY HAPPY LIFE (PC Game, DVD-ROM)
Brand: 『Tennenouji』
Price: 3,800 Yen (w/tax 3,990Yen)
Preorder start: 10 June  2011
Available: 5 August 2011
Rating: R18+
Genre: Complete life changing board game (?) 人生一変ボードゲーム
Official site:

According to the official site, the project’s illustrator is Yura 由良 with scenario written by 菅沼 恭司.

The cast is pretty much the same: タダノドウテイ、平井達矢、浅野要二、四季路、蒼井夕真、錦戸智久 etc.

We’ll get to play Gian live his life under different scenarios, including:

  1. Getting stranded on a deserted island with Giulio
  2. Working with Ivan as an agent in arch-enemy FBI
  3. Getting involved with Luchino in a dodgy show business venture and
  4. Being in Hollywood with Bernardo etc.

I think it’s going to be quite hilarious :D

There is a demo available for download too. Basically you can get a preview of what the game system is like but nothing playable. You can change Gian’s name to yours if you want. Reminds me of otome style games where you can change the heroine’s name :D Some screen caps below. The overall feel looks rather cool.

In the May 2011 issue of Cool-B magazine, besides giving the background information of the original Lucky Dog 1 game, they have a more in-depth description of actual game play of this upcoming game.

According to the magazine, there are three parts to the game. The first mode is Dream Eater, where there’s a monster called ヘーデヒ who exists to eat up the happy life of Gian and his targeted character. If I understood correctly, the player has to come up with good memories to stop the monster and accummulate lucky points and save Gian’s targeted character (I think OTL;;)

After you complete the first mode, you go on to Take Back Gian’s Life mode. In these mode, the player will be pitted against the character he has saved from the monster. His choices will lead to different endings.

Finally, after completing the second mode, you get onto Slow Life mode, where you can mix and match the route choices of the character you captured and play at leisure (If I’m not wrong).

The Extras option is the usual album gallery for event CG, scenes and so on.

Some pics from the magazine. Top 2 pics are CGs from the game. Birth of baby Gian and Alessandro and Toscanini family’s leader? The ones at the bottom are other illustrations in the magazine.

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