Guess who is giving us the manry, hadaka-apron service while preparing dinner?

I got my hands on the latest issue of 2011 September Cool-B Magazine a while back but never got the time to post the updates. So you guys might have already seen this.

There are more CGs and setting details revealed about upcoming BL game DRAMAtical Murder (Nitro+Chiral). And illustrator Honyarara (ほにゃらら) delivers!

A short story of Aoba and Koujaku. Aoba returned to his room after work and sees Koujaku on his bed waiting for him…

Close up. Their pets are so cute!

More information revealed. The game is planned for release on Feburary 2012.

Beauty! :D

According to the magazine, the young people are crazy over a virtual reality computer battle game called ライム(Lime) In the game they can do anything they want and fight with strangers but they will not get hurt in real life. The image below is a symbol of the game, called usui 卯水.

On the other hand, young people are forming teams in the old settlement to battle each other for real in another game called リブスティース Reverse Taste (?) Please correct me if I’m wrong… I didn’t check the dictionary in detail :P (Note: Jyuri suggested that it reads Libsteath. Thanks! :D)

More character CGs revealed.

Koujaku is Aoba’s childhood friend :D Like an older brother. Freelance hair braider(?) and very popular with the ladies.

Mink. Older brother type who has a very commanding presence and looks violent. For some reason, he seems to have something against Aoba.

Noise. A young man staying in the old settlement. He does not display any emotions and there’s no way to read what he is thinking. In the CG the two are engaged in the battle game and Aoba can’t tell if it was real battle or virtual.

SHINING ASS Lolz… nothing else to say XD

Ok, that’s Clear. Mysterious guy who fell from the sky. Because he never removes his mask, there’s no way to see real face and expressions. He really hates people who try to forcefully remove it. Always end his sentences in -masu and -desu and speaks in “respectful” speech pattern.

Very good-looking CGs and interesting plot so far. I’m also looking forward to seeing the funny and quirky bits in the game.

From Cool-B September 2011 issue.

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