Good news for anime fans located in North America and Canada. There is now yet another way to support the anime industry :D

Launched on 2 October 2012, the new 24/7 anime channel Neon Alley will air via the PlayStation 3 console the latest anime and fan favourites like Tiger & Bunny, Berserk: The Golden Age Arc, ZETMAN, Blue Exorcist, Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan, Inuyasha – The Final Act, NARUTO Shippuden and many more movies and shows uncut and dubbed in English. There will also be original content that provides news and behind-the-scenes access for fans of anime and manga.

According to the spokeperson, the availability of high quality dubbed anime available to North American fans is very limited – even Adult Swim only runs Toonami a few hours per week.

Neon Alley is offering a whole new viewing experience – 24/7 scheduled programming on TV via PlayStation.

How it works:

People with PlayStation 3 consoles will be able to download the Neon Alley app via their internet-connected Playstation 3 consoles or at It is a subscription service for US$6.99/month and is subsidised with commercial content. It is similar to a basic cable TV channel in that way and in that it is a programmed service, not on demand (meaning, at 7 pm one show is airing, at 8 pm another, etc.) Subscribers will watch the content on their TV via their PS3. Subscribers will only be able to view the live stream on one console device at a time, but they will be able to switch among up to 3 devices using the same account.

PS3 screen. I’m not located in the region so please share your thoughts if you subscribe! :)

I know there are many who prefer subbed titles for the original Japanese voice cast but there are many who prefer not having to read subtitles when they watch the anime too.

There are more video dub samples available from the official account on youtube. Such as Berserk. English voice for GUTS sounds pretty hot. Griffith sounds suave but I’m biased for Sakurai Takahiro… can’t help it cos he will always be my prince (/ ^3^)/

And Tiger & Bunny. English voice for Kotetsu-san sounds younger than the original, in fact he seems more “handsome” lol. I kinda like Bunny’s English voice too :D

A rather dramatic official trailer of Neon Alley :P to give you an idea what titles you can expect if you subscribe.

For more information, visit Neon Alley official site: and VIZ Media:

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